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Makes the Transportalponder remember your last location in the Mojave Wasteland, gives it a teleport visual, and allows it to teleport companions with you. Optional version which allows use in other DLC/mod-added areas.

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The Big Mountain Transportalponder is a bit of an odd item, simultaneously convenient and... well... inconvenient. It lets you transport to The Sink from anywhere in the Mojave, but only if you don't have any companions, making the usefulness of The Sink somewhat limited as a home base. Then when you use it to return you are dropped off at the fairly remote Mojave Drive-In. Hardly a convenient return location.

Those two things drove me absolutely insane, especially because of how good they could have made the Transportalponder (and by extension, The Sink). Fortunately it turns out correcting those things is actually pretty easy. The Big Mountain Transportalponder has thusly been upgraded with two important features:

1) The Transportalponder will now transport Companions. Thanks to engine upgrades made in the final patch, this does include Companions added by mods or similar.

2) The Transportalponder remembers your last location in the Mojave and returns you there from the Big MT. This "last location memory" is exact, as in it will return you to the precise spot where you were standing when you pulled the trigger on the Transportalponder.

In addition to that, I've also added a third feature:

3) There is now a brief teleport visual when you use the Transportalponder. While I do like the responsiveness of the item, it does bother me that there's not even a token visual indicating that you're being teleported. It was easy enough to add a 1.5 second delay and a brief little visual to the whole affair.

I've also done a little bit of tweaking to the Transportalponder to make it less likely to have errors or confusion when it tries to figure out if it needs to put you at The Sink or back in the Mojave.


This mod does not alter the Transportalponder to work in any areas it does not already, e.g. DLC areas and the like. However, I have created a special version of the mod which does this. Using the ''Use Anywhere'' version of this mod will allow you to bounce between The Sink and any outdoor area in the game including DLC areas, except in areas where your equipment has been confiscated. Notably, this area of exclusion DOES include the entirety of the Sierra Madre Villas and Casino, unless you somehow manage to get in there with your normal equipment.

Despite the above, the ''Use Anywhere'' version does not require any other DLC to work. It should also be compatible with most mod-added areas and the like.