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Adds passive and active perks for all skills and class bonuses.

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This is an outdated version. This page will no longer be  updated. Use the improved newest version of the mod:

Be sure to update MWSE to the latest version!

Upon reaching 50, 75 and 100 skills, you get a perk in the form of a passive and active ability.
Passive abilities you can see in the table.
Active abilities are various combat techniques (for weapons and armor skills), super spells (for magic skills), persuasion techniques, and others.


For every 10 levels you get 1 Legendary Point
For every 50 reputation you get 1 Legendary Point
For the victory over Dagoth Ur you get 3 Legendary Points
For the completion of the Tribunal, the Blood Moon, any Great House, any Guild, the Imperial Legion, the Temple of the Tribunal or Morag Tong - you get 1 Legendary Point
When you receive 2 Legendary Points, you can choose 1 Tier Class
Upon you receive 5 Legendary Points, you can choose Tier 2 Class
Upon you receive 10 Legendary Points, you can choose Tier 3 Class
See the class inheritance scheme as well as the table with class bonuses:

1: Fighter
2: Mage
3: Thief
4: Warrior
5: Battle mage
6: Sorcerer
7: Agent
8: Dodger
9: Scout
10: Warlord
11: Paladin
12: Spellsword
13: Shaman
14: Archmage
15: Magician
16: Night blade
17: Trickster
18: Assassin
19: Rogue
20: Duelist
21: Barbarian
22: Hero
23: Seeker
24: Wanderer

Health is recounted when loading save if the hero is not injured and the effect of increasing health is not affected by it.
Maximum Health = Endurance / 2 + Willpower / 4 + Strength / 4 + Perk Bonus + Class Bonus

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Глобальный ребаланс всей игры и улучшение всех аспектовгеймплея. Пока только на русском языке.