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Stats of creatures are set at 80-120% of the norm.

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This is an outdated version. This page will no longer be  updated. Use the improved newest version of the mod:

Requires latest version of MWSE

* Stats of creatures are set at 80-120% of the norm (it can be changed).

* Affects all 8 characteristics, health, magic, stamina and 3 skills.

* Also adds armor to creatures according to the table. You can change the armor values for each creature.

* The size of the creatures is directly proportional to their health.

* Affects all creatures (even added by mods) except those on the blacklist. Now only superbosses are blacklisted. You can edit the blacklist at your discretion.

* If you have a 4NM_MAGIC mod installed, then the power of summoned creatures will be affected by the magical power of the summoner.


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Глобальный ребаланс всей игры и улучшение всех аспектовгеймплея. Пока только на русском языке.