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Extended and flexible music system for Morrowind, allows to easily customize your music as well as make new music mods.

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Important announcement:
I've left Morrowind modding and having MUSE updated took a while due to other things going in my file. I'm sorry you had to wait. I'm considering uploading mod to Git site to enable community contributions to it so it could be developed further by people interested in developing.
Thank you for your support. If you are interested what stuff I'm working on, take a look at my Twitter:

Also please take a look at official Tamriel Rebuilt soundtrack using extended music system!

Update 2.02
- Bugfix update
- Fixed combat music error
- No air and depths tracks shouldn't now cause game warning
Thanks for NullCascade who fixed bugs!

Update 2.01
- Fixed music with combat restarting dungeon music constantly
- Combat music can be now properly disabled

Grand update of MUSE - version 2

The system was fully rewritten and got couple of new features:
- Combat music - now MUSE supports combat music, it will play according to your character's and enemie's level preventing it from playing at weakest enemies.
It also allows to add custom combat music for certain enemies and regions.
- Air and underwater support - you can add custom music for swimming underwater and floating high above the ground.
- Improved detection - removed case sensitivity for name comparing so you don't have to worry about names.
- Regional music is now queued by default for smoother experience.

Morrowind always had only exploration music that played same in every place, also with combat system that would play every encounter, no matter the enemy's strength.
Soundtrack can get repetitive after hours of playing. Context specific music is non-existent.
With MUSE, it changes. Modders and players can now easily add context specific music adding much wider variety of the in game soundtrack.

This mod serves in two purposes:
- You can customize music in game with adding new tracks to specific regions, dungeons and places.
You can add new music very easily, just drop your mp3 files to certain folders and you already have new music in game.

- Allows to add custom music to mods such as province mods.
Easy configuration file system allows to extent the system and add even more music types without having to edit the mod's code.

Latest MGE XE (0.11 or newer) with MWSE 2.1 installed

Won't work in OpenMW due to lack of extended scripting in it.

Mod is installed like every other mod - drop its content to Data Files folder. Works also with Mod Organizer 2.
Note: When installing mod with Wrye Mash, you have to unpack "music" folder manually to Data Files.
In game, take a look at the Mod Config Menu, with MUSE configuration. You can chose to combat music not play when game plays default exploration music.

If you like my mods, please take a look at my website. I show my art and others.

- Regional - automatically detects or binds regions to folder.
- Dungeon detection - automatically detects if the interior you are in is a dangerous place.
- Tileset detection - determines what place type you are in, is it a Dwemer ruin or cave, no additional plugins needed, works with every mod.
- For cells - you can add music playlists for cities and specific places.
- Air - when you fly high above the ground.
- Underwater - when you dive to depths.
- Combat - better combat music handling, where it doesn't play every mudcrab. Custom enemy music tracks.

Take a look at the guide in the mod to learn how to customize and add new music to the game.

- Despite putting mp3s in folder, custom music doesn't play.
- Check if your mp3 files have extra metadata. If yes, remove the metadata, Morrowind for some reason won't play mp3 files with extra metadata.

- My custom config file doesn't work
- Check if: there are errors in MWSE.log, if your config file has correct formatting, if the names are correct.

- I found a bug!
- Great, then to report it, you have to get logs first. Enable Debug Mode in mod's Mod Configuration Menu, reproduce the bug then send logs from MWSE.log.

Community contributed features on Git page.

You are allowed to: upload custom music packs for the mod (make sure you have permissions for music you use), upload custom configuration files
You are not allowed to: include .lua scripts themselves in your mods

Mod created by: Rytelier
Scripting help: NullCascade, Greatness7