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Dark grumblings, dreamy whispers, cavernous percussion...
A 6th House music expansion of original tracks for the Morrowind MUSE mod, created using modern production techniques. Featuring 5 new exploration tracks, 4 new combat tracks, and 1 boss fight track.

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MUSE Expansion:

Dark grumblings, dreamy whispers, cavernous percussion...

A Sixth House music expansion of original tracks by me created for the Morrowind MUSE mod. Featuring 5 new exploration tracks, 4 new combat tracks, and 1 boss fight track, containing dark and ominous themes and moods that the House Dagoth truly deserves.

Inspired by the Hans Zimmer soundtrack for Dune (2021). "If you're on an alien world, why not make the music sound alien?"

Part of the May Modathon 2022


- The first in a series of planned expansions for MUSE that will bring new levels of immersion to your gameplay and dungeon delving. Each mod will have it's own unique mood & tone for all tracks that will help diversify your music experience and prevent the repetition that can occur with the (albeit great) default soundtrack.
- 5 new exploration tracks that play when entering 6th House bases and hideouts (Dagoth Ur, Ilunibi, Mamaea, etc.)
- 4 new battle tracks that play when in combat with 6th House members and their related underlings (Dagoth lieutenants, ash creatures, corprus beasts, etc.)
- 1 boss fight track scripted to play when entering combat with Dagoth Ur himself
- Dark and foreboding tone that truly highlights the malevolent locations that 6th House members make home
- All tracks created using modern production techniques, sample libraries, synths, and plugins


- Requires MUSE and all of it's related prerequisites (such as Morrowind Script Extender)
- Install using MO2 or your other favorite mod manager, and verify nothing overwrites the files

- For manual installation, unzip the mod and place the music and MWSE folders into your Morrowind/Data Files directory and overwrite when asked


- Fully compatible with the other MUSE mods on my page
- Without modification, this mod is incompatible with any other MUSE mods that edit that same cells as this one, or have dynamic music that occurs when fighting this mod's enemy types. i.e. SHoTN, TR, or Solstheim music replacers are probably okay, as are other mods that only edit regional music files, but others may not be. Compatibility with any music mod is possible by dragging the music tracks from those mods into the proper music folder subdirectories contained in this mod. View the official MUSE page & posts for more details on mixing and matching.