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Xiran and BTB and tewlwolow and Revenant

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About this mod

An alternative to BTB's Edit of Xiran's Better Music System mod, with custom immersive music tracks, redone battle music and simplified categorisation. Alternatively, a soundtrack for MUSE.

Permissions and credits

  • 46 new music tracks, made by me and my chipsets
  • over 3,5 hours of fantasque music inspired by alteration magic, jasmine tea and sunlit craters
  • area-specific ambiance - no more happy explore music deep inside dunmeri tombs
  • separate tracks for Vvardenfell, Red Mountain and Solstheim
  • original Morrowind music integrated into the plugin
  • battle music reinvented - no scrib shall interrupt your listening pleasure
  • breathe new life into your game thanks to akulakhan-controlled digital dwemeri pads, indoril sitars, strings, ashlanders' gamelanesque bells, redoran neys, velothi ouds and darbukas and 303 cornish acid em, and more.

I. The Concept

So the Morrowind soundtrack is great, but well, hearing the basic 7 explore tracks in random order whatever you do and wherever you are really pulls your leg after a while, especially if you've played Oblivion on Skyrim. So Xiran did a nice mod of his own to address that, but did a little too much mess in the scripts, so BTB decided to clean it up a notch. Cool stuff to be quite honest, but I wasn't too fond of the tracks he chose, so I switched to SpaceDevo's Rebirth version for a while, but being an aural creature, I started to walk the meadows and turn the knobs to replace the tracks. And to tailor all that to my liking, I also did a bit of script-editing. So here it is, Xiran's ingenious concept, BTB's (that's the template I used) and SpaceDevo's implementation + lots of sounds and a bit of tinkering of mine. Hope you'll enjoy!

II. Installation

1. REGULAR (Vanilla)version

a) Unpack the .rar file into your Morrowind folder.
b) Copy the contents of Morrowind/Music/Explore and Morrowind/Music/Battle to Morrowind/Music. In other words, all of Morrowind original tracks should be in the same folder as my new tracks.
c) Rename or delete Morrowind/Music/Explore and Morrowind/Music/Battle folders (for example to ExploreORIGINAL or Battle2).
d) Activate the .esp. Load order should not matter much, it can easily be positioned near the top of your load order.
e) Make sure to download and install MWSE (no dev version necessary, but won't hurt) for expanded scripting.
f) It's done!

2. MUSE version

a) Download MUSE and install it. Pay attention to the requirements (MWSEdev and MGEXE).
b) Unpack my mod (use the MUSE version, not the regular one) and copy its contents to Morrowind/Data Files. Overwrite all if needed.
c) It's done! No .esp needed.

If you want to hear original Morrowind soundtrack with MUSE version, just like in the regular one, you'll need to manually copy it from Morrowind/Music/Explore to specific folders in MUSE directory. See .pdf in MUSE file for details.

Note that MUSE version is a bit different, due to the fact it's structured in a different manner. Pick whatever you like best. Feel free to use my tracks within MUSE framework however you wish.


III. Compatibility

Not compatible with mods that alter Morrowind's music system. Sound mods are generally compatible. Especially those made by me! ;-)

There is a version for OpenMW by amazing Nephiah: OCWFMBMSR

IV. Usage/Prospects

You can edit the .esp or tracks (merge, replace, add) however you wish. It would be nice if you gave me a shot if you plan to release something, and definitely PM me should you feel the need to use the soundtrack outside Morrowind. The province, I mean. Or the game?

I consider the mod to be rather finished at this point, but I'll probably edit/add/delete/destroy some of the tracks with time. Stay tuned!

V. Credits

Xiran, BTB, and SpaceDevo, to begin with. Otherwise everything within Persian, Indonesian, Japanese, Indian, Slavic, Nordic, Chinese, or Arabic traditional and folk music, plus the original soundtrack by Jeremy Soule and AFX's dirty Cornish pads. All that has been a huge inspiration to me while working on these little sounds.

Daelyn has made a great MW gameplay series. It's great in itself, but it ALSO features my sounds, so - double win! Get it HERE

Check out my other mod - Spell Sounds Enhanced - for revised spell audio and Cogs for minor sound improvements.

The only music sample I used is this one by Lo Ka Ping.