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Frame interpolated everything to 60 FPS.

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All the FMVs, Talents, Spells and, Tutorial videos have been frame interpolated to 60 FPS for smooth playback. This has been done by using Topaz Video Enhance AI, which I find the frame interpolation AI model to be much accurate and better than RIFE (FlowFrames).

Before they have been frame interpolated, they have been undergone through a "De-Block & De-Noise" pass, which clears up the frames and reduces the TAA appearance within the videos, thus making the videos look slightly sharper and clear. This, by no means, is a remaster or upscaled, as it has been proven from my own tests that upscaling is pointless for this game.

Since this game uses Bink 2 for Pre-Rendered Video playback, there can be little done to improve the frame quality by adjusting the bitrate, as there is a hard-lock on the file size for Bink video.

The paintings has been left untouched as there are issues with exporting them, unless I have selected AVI [Uncompressed] as the export format for the painting videos. They may be frame interpolated in the future.

Short TL:DR:

- Everything has been De-Blocked and De-Noised, resulting in slightly clearer FMVs.
- Film Grain has been modified, as De-Block and De-Noise may reduce film grain significantly, so it had to be reimplemented.
- Everything has been frame interpolated to 60 FPS.
- No Performance Penalties from using this.
- Requires slightly more storage - ~10% - 25% more for each video file.
- Video Bitrate is slightly higher, but can only do so much.
- 30 FPS Paintings may or may not be touched due to current issues with exporting the source to H264.

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  • Drag and drop Hogwarts Legacy folder to your Steam's Common folder. This is typically found in either:
        C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common

            X: — Substitute the X with the partition drive letter.

  • Windows should ask you whether you want to replace the existing files with the files you've extracted. At this point, let it replace the files, unless you want to keep a backup of the original video files.

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