The Evil Within 2
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Like The Evil Within, I have upscaled the cutscenes of this game to 4K. Besides, the pre-rendered cutscenes look nice in 1080p, meaning there will be less aliasing within the upscales, compared the first game.

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Similarly to The Evil Within, I have upscaled the pre-rendered cutscenes to 2160p/4K. This time however, I have manually edited the film grain within these pre-rendered cutscenes, they will look reduced. Reminder, this is a preview! Meaning I have only released few upscaled pre-rendered cutscenes for this game.
Also, just like last time, this game has some pre-rendered video files that must not be upscaled, else some game elements will be broken (as the video file will playback zoomed in).

I will not be able to upscale these into a specific resolution apart from 4K (maybe 8K in the future), this is because it would take a lot of time and resources to do so. Plus, the difference in file size would be minimal.

See my Steam Guide for more details in terms of progression.

Installation Instruction
Simply drag and drop TheEvilWithin2 folder to
your steam directory --> steamapps --> common

[Please make backups of the original files just in case.]