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Using AI upscalers, I have upscaled the cutscenes up to 200% which in many cutscenes is equivalent to 4K (as they are rendered in 1080p). Using appropriate AI models, I have upscaled the cutscenes in the best way that can be done currently.

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Originally, these files are rendered at 1920x1080 / 1080p. As we all know, when moving your monitor's resolution to 4K can have some ugly side effects on game video files and in-game gameplay when the screen resolution is set on 1080p.

Using AI upscaling software, I have applied appropriate upscaling methods, which added few extra details whilst keeping the clarity of the video as original in a sense.

The Evil Within corporates a pre-rendered cutscene within in-game elements. Guess the game developers took a sneaky approach with implementing them within in-game.

As a side note: Yes, these are correctly working in-game without any side effects. You would not need to buy an SSD to use these. If you use this and want to optimise the loading performance, trying defragmenting.

Reminder: These video files are not encoded in Bink 2 encoder, they are just using the file extension of Bink 2 file for the game engine to recognise them, the Bink SDK game implementation figures out the video file encoder to playback the video.

Please note, due to lack of space in Google Drive, any new upscaling projects of mine would be uploaded on Nexus Mods, whilst the Steam Guides will still be created.

Steam Guide (Detailed): Steam Guide


Simply drag and drop the TheEvilWithin folder within steam --> steamapps --> common
then let Windows replace the files. This instruction is repeated within the rar files.

Please make backups beforehand, just in case there might be any problems or if you generally do not like these upscales.