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All the Pre-Rendered Cutscenes are upscaled to 4K, whilst integrated with Higher Quality Cutscene Audio Mod.

Permissions and credits

First and foremost, I would like to thank GreenThumb2 who developed their own utilities/tools/mods [alongside N12734 - For better quality cutscene audio] to make this possible. Alongside, giving me the permission to integrate their work into this.

Compatibility Notice
Please note that if you have GreenThumb2's FFXIII HD FMVs installed and want to use this, run the Install_FFXIII_HD_Movies.bat (from his upscales) and choose the option to revert the movie files to original. You do not need to delete the .bin files from his HD FMVs upscales from the Movie (if you want to test / make a decision on which to use). My upscales has the same file name as GreenThumb's HD FMVs file name but with _4k at the end, to prevent file conflict.

Using Topaz VEAI, I have successfully upscaled each individual Pre-Rendered Cutscene to 4K, by using an appropriate AI model alongside, De-Noising and De-Blocking them. This further enhances the details and give better edge refinement, in some instances, this colour corrects/enhances some parts of the frames.

Using GreenThumb2's main FMV installer from his HD Movie mod, I have managed to allow these upscales to be inserted within the game, so they will playback correctly. Furthermore, I have also used GreenThumb2's Cutscene Extraction tools to get the cutscenes files and upscale them from there.

This is where N12734's mod comes into play. When I have successfully upscaled the cutscenes to 4K and converted to Bink, I have mixed the audio tracks from his mod into these upscales. This was easy to do as they were clearly labelled with their filename and their track number.

FluffyQuack is also credited here, thanks to his fantastic ff13tool, that allowed GreenThumb2's main FMV installer to work.

If you would like to join my Discord Server, for upcoming announcements of next games that will have their Pre-Rendered Cutscenes upscaled to 4K, click here.
[If any modders that was credited within this upscales joined the server, ping me on Discord.]

How to Install?
Simply, install the main installer file within the root directory of Final Fantasy XIII. This is in Steam --> Steamapps --> common folder. Once you have done that, download the 4K movie files separately and place them into movie folder (unless you extract the movie folder alongside).

Once you have done that, open up the Install_FFXIII_4K_Movies_English.bat file and follow the instructions on screen. Replace all movies if you have installed the 4K Upscaled FMVs freshly or after verifying the game's files or use Add new ones (Can't remember if this was the second option) to add new FMVs into the game, when you have installed a part of the 4K FMVs.

Why are the FMVs are so Goddamn BIG?!

Simple, Bink loves to add a lot of compression noise. Plus, 4K contains four times more pixels than 1080p. I had to up the Bitrate else there are very noticeable mild-moderate-slightly severe macro-blocking alongside numbed details within the frames. This game consists of between 2-3 minutes FMVs that contains anywhere between 2000-6000+ frames.

Furthermore, some of the FMVs are detailed and some FMVs becomes more detailed when processed through Topaz VEAI. Who would rather prefer compression noise over detail?

Yes, Bink does seem to be automatically apply appropriate bitrate on fast motioned FMVs, but there are many frames that suffer from compression artefacts. Due to the high bitrate, the playback of these FMVs may STUTTER for the first few seconds. This could also be a side effect of having a slow HDD, that is slowly reading the movie files and frames.

Hopefully I would not have to increase the bitrate for all of the FMVs, as the obvious macro-blocking and compression artefacts happens in the dark regions of the FMVs.

I would highly recommend to defragment your hard drive when using these 4K Upscaled FMVs for optimal playback performance.

How are these 4K FMVs will be delivered/uploaded?

When performing these upscales, I am practically multi-tasking. E.g. Doing assignments alongside with upscaling using VEAI. Due to this, please be patient with getting through upscaling, encoding to bink and uploading them onto Nexus Mods. I will not be busy anymore as of the 15th of June, regardless these processes take a lot of time. Once these FMVs have been upscaled and converted to Bink with their appropriate audio tracks, they will be most likely tested in-game.

I upload the FMVs on a chapter basis instead of splitting the FMVs up into what I have upscaled so far. If there is a demand for it, I can split the chapter releases into two parts for smaller download size.

When upscaling these FMVs to 4K, they are encoded into lossless Apple ProRes 422 video codec, to prevent lossy compression done by high CRF H264. Japanese FMVs are encoded into H264, however, the CRF is on 10 for lossless compression.

Original Mod Pages
FFXIII HD Movie FMVs by GreenThumb2: FF XIII HD Full Motion Video - English at Final Fantasy XIII Nexus - Mods and Community (  - Use this if you are playing on 1080p instead of 4K. [Uses FMV Main Program from that mod into this.]
Higher Quality Cutscene Audio by N12734: Higher quality cutscene audio (English) at Final Fantasy XIII Nexus - Mods and Community ( - Extracted from the PS3 version of FFXIII. [Implements the audio tracks into the these upscales.]

GreenThumb2 - For his Cutscene Extraction tool, to enable me in extracting each cutscene easily and efficiently. For his Main FMV Program, that allows efficient and ease of use installation of cutscenes, also provides a streamlined naming convention that is flexible. And finally, for generally helping me, alongside granting me permission to use his tools and his main FMV program within this mod. Without him, mods for FFXIII would have been impossible. Plus, he's a very friendly guy, who committed his time in helping me understand more about Bink and this game's trilogy internals.
N12734 - For extracting the audio tracks from the PS3 version and porting them over to the PC side. For granting me permission to mix the audio tracks from his mod into the upscales.
Skopin - Thanks to him for simultaneously upscaling and processing the Japanese FMVs.

FluffyQuack - For his ff13tool. I assume this is used for extracting game files directly.

Please let me know if I forgotten to credit anyone else or add anything into this.

Reporting Bugs
If you have found any bugs within the FMVs or the installation process, make sure you open a bug report. I will try to take a look at it as soon as possible.