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I have upscaled the Pre-Rendered Cutscenes up to 4K using Topaz VEAI.

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The Pre-Rendered Cutscenes within this game, seem to use heavy usage of TAA, which caused the heavy blurring within the terrain and on the objects. Using Topaz Video Enhance AI, I have managed to upscale them to 4K, while minimising the aggressive TAA's effect.

Initially, the game was capable of running 60+ FPS movie files, but the game engine seems to hard lock the FPS to 30FPS, whilst forcing the CPU to max out at the same time - might be due to the subtitles timings.

What is the difference between HEVC [High Efficiency Video Codec] and H264/AVC [Advanced Video Codec]?
As you can see within the files tab, there are two different video codec, that is playable within the game. We have HEVC - which is bitrate-efficient, therefore, uses less bitrate for the same quality as it would be on H264/AVC but with higher bitrate.

The issue (that is not deal breaking), is the fact that HEVC requires slightly more CPU and/or GPU processing power to playback without any stuttering.

On the other hand, H264/AVC has higher bitrate but is lightweight.

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