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This adds custom made Institute themed crafting stations to the building menu.

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  • German

This adds Craftable Institute-themed crafting stations to the settlement building menu.

Included are Armor, Weapons and Chemistry workbenches...
As well as the functional Food Synthesizer from my other mod, and...
The Power Armor Station Re-textured rig from my other mod.

These are basic mash-ups, so any re-textures for weapons and armor will show on stations.

I liked the way Homemaker deals with Institute items, so...

You'll have to finish the quest "Institutionalized", before the Station will appear in your menu.
There's also an installation option for those who want to build these stations without visiting the Institute, a.k.a. the best location in FO4.

There's a patch available in the downloads (just texture changes) if you use the Evil Institute texture mod.

Install with your favorite mod manager.
Or manually install by unzipping the 7z archive and copying the folders, along with your choice of ESP into your Fallout4/Data/ folder.

These use vanilla keywords and will appear under the Crafting category. 
If you have the Settlement Keywords mod, items will appear in the Workbenches category.

This was created with FO4Edit, Material Editor, NifSkope and Photoshop.
Thanks to Homemaker for all the cool Institute crafting!