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The first fully-featured bullet-time mod for Fallout 4! Looking for a VATS alternative, or just a new gameplay mechanic? Features hotkey activation - a one button toggle for both on and off - configurable AP cost, and configurable time dilation factor.

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Slow Time
The first fully-featured bullet-time mod for Fallout 4!


  • Hotkey activation - one button toggle for both on and off.
  • Bullet-time, real-time. The toggle turns bullet time on and off immediately - no lag or delayed effects!
  • Real-time AP drain while bullet time is active.
  • Fully configurable. Set time-dilation factor, AP cost, and visual FX in-game.

All aspects are configurable to suit your play style. Increase, decrease or turn AP drain off completely. Or change the time-dilation factor. Choose if you want a visual effect (like with Jet) or no overlay at all. All settings are configurable from within the game - no need to swap out plugins! Works with gamepads.


Why bullet-time?

Bullet time is a great alternative to VATS. While VATS takes control away from you and keeps you rooted in a spot, bullet-time lets you retain full control over your mobility and aim. And instead of blaming a miss in VATS on a set of chances on the screen, well.. now you can blame your aim. Just look at what you can do!


When you go in-game, assign the Bullet Time object in your Aid Inventory to a hotkey of your choice. That hotkey will toggle bullet-time.
To configure Bullet Time, select the Bullet Time Configuration item to open the configuration menu.


Use a mod manager, or, for a manual installation, copy the contents of the mod folder into your game's Data directory.
When you load your game, you'll receive two items - the Bullet Time toggle and Bullet Time Configuration. They will appear in the Aid menu of your Pip-Boy.

If you're having problems, ensure mods in general are enabled for your game! Here's a guide.
In particular, ensure that you have "sResourceDataDirsFinal=" in your ini file and nothing else beyond the equals sign.

Other Platforms

Bullet Time for Xbox One (just uploaded!)

Video Review by Mudcups

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Thanks to Vatiwah, Tyrannicon, Gopher and KottabosGames for featuring Bullet Time!

Alongside other great mods, Bullet Time is showcased at 9:30, 4:07 and 0:00 respectively.

KottabosGames covers Bullet Time for the entirety of his video.

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Shaikujin's V.A.A.S. mod has a slightly different take on bullet-time, adding a new VAAS perk. Do explore your choices!

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A word of thanks:

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