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Last updated at 4:05, 20 Jul 2016 Uploaded at 15:54, 9 Apr 2016

Adds keys for shouting to your companion from wherever you are, letting you position your companions, switch up their equipment and be a lot more tactical in your fights.

Keys (configurable):
G - Command Companion
H - Toggle Hold / Follow (independent of Follow/Stay via dialogue, so don't use both together)
Shift-G - Tactics: Select companion distance (Close, Medium [default], Far)
Shift-H - Tactics: Select companion aggression (Aggressive / Passive [default])
Ctrl-G - Open Companion Inventory

Companion tactics were originally part of the game but was cut from Fallout 4. Why? I don't know! Perhaps there wasn't enough space with just four dialogue options. There are recorded lines for requesting companions to stay back, attack on sight, etc. Unfortunately Bethesda didn't get around to getting everybody to record their lines.

I've restored this. You'll be able to change tactics with all companions via hotkey, and you'll get special voiced responses from Codsworth, Paladin Danse, Curie, Deacon, X6-88, Cait, Preston Garvey and Strong. Some of them prefer certain combat styles over others.

You need to have hotkeys enabled. Enable them with FO4 Hotkeys for hotkey magic.


Download, unzip, then open install.cmd for an automatic installation.

(There is no need to activate any plugins because this is not an ESP mod!)

OR, for a manual installation, copy the single file from the Data\Scripts directory into your corresponding Fallout 4 Data\Scripts directory, and then copy the contents of Hotkeys.ini into your own Hotkeys.ini file provided by FO4 Hotkeys.

Because NMM doesn't support editing INI files, I couldn't provide an NMM install! But I've still made it automatic. I've written a special routine that merges the hotkeys from this mod into whatever other hotkeys you may have configured with FO4 Hotkeys, so you won't lose any of your existing custom hotkeys.


Talking about tactics - Bethesda made some very poor decisions regarding companion distance when you enter stealth. I highly recommend using Companion Stealth Distance Fix by spacefiddle in conjunction with this mod for a better companion experience. The mod will prevent your companions from rushing up to you and overriding whatever distance orders you've given them when you enter stealth.


Now this shouldn't be necessary but because it often is, I've included a feature to teleport your companion to you. This feature is not currently bound to a key. If you decide that you need it you can choose to bind it. Check out how to add/bind this feature in the Articles tab.