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My take on Lucy's tranquilizer pistol from the Fallout TV show but with energy weapon options as well as all custom animations including power armor.

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I saw the Vanity Fair article going over the Fallout TV show last year and I saw an image of the main character, Lucy, posing with this neat pistol weapon. Many people assumed correctly that it was going to be a tranquilizer weapon. I didn't really want it to be just that though, this pistol looked more like an energy blaster to me! So this mod is my take on that weapon shown in the show. It can be a tranquilizer if you want it to be, it can be used as a Syringer, and it can also be an energy weapon too!

The video below shows off the weapon and stuff!

The weapon can be found inside of Vault 114 in the Overseer's office (coc vault11402). The last photo shows the weapon case on the wall next to Nick.

Once obtained for the first time, the weapon can then be crafted at a Chemistry Bench under SEL. BLASTER.

At first it is given as the air pistol tranquillizer version, you can modify it at a workbench to turn it into a blaster. The tranquillizer version also uses its own new ammo that can be crafted under SEL. BLASTER as well. Otherwise the blaster version just uses fusion cells.

This weapon is fully animated for both 1st person and 3rd person, as well as 1st person and 3rd person Power Armor. 
They can also be legendary, the Select Blaster was added to the random Legendary roll. Starts showing up at level 15.
For console commands: 'help select 4 weap' or use XX000F99

There's a lot. One thing of note is that Barrels and Grips do not change weapon stats. I did this because I want you to choose the barrel design you like the most instead of whichever barrel had the best stats. Read more below.
And if you're not interested in all the texture options then the Lite version of this mod is the one for you. Here's the breakdown:

Barrel Style
  • The various cosmetic barrel options
Grip Style
  • The various cosmetic grip options
Weapon Calibration
  • Because the barrels and grips don't do anything, there is now a weapon calibration category to modify the traits of the weapon
  • The usual receivers plus a tranquilizer and Syringer style
  • The usual sights and scopes
Handling Style
  • Common animation set and fancy advanced animation set
And the rest are the texture options:
  • Steels Mats
  • Metals Mats
  • Barrel Mats
  • Accent Mats
  • Grip Mats
  • Logo Emblems

Installs like any other mod. No DLC or Mod requirements. Install with NMM/Vortex or enable through the Mods menu in Fallout 4.

Four Download options!

ESP Full:

ESL Full:
Proper Compacted ESL.

ESP Lite:
Without all the texture customization and associated forms.

ESL Lite:
Proper Compacted ESL. Without all the texture customization and associated forms.

Mirror Options!

BethesdaNet PC Full version

BethesdaNet PC Lite version

Xbox is down below!

Vanilla compatibility: This mod makes a persistent edit to one interior cell (vault11402) but doesn't break precombined.
For Mod Authors: This mod uses 'SLBL' as the shorthand for all form ID's and file paths.


04-11-2024 | Initial Upload -1.0
04-11-2024 | Fixes an issue where certain receiver options resulted in no firing sounds -1.0.1
05-06-2024 | Just a few small updates -1.0.2
--------------- Fixes an issue where reloading in 3rd person with specific modifications displayed the wrong reload anim
--------------- Fixes an issue with the Syringer style receiver inadvertently doing significant attack damage
--------------- Fixes a visual bug with both of the Ray Gun barrel options