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The definitive edition of Armor and Clothing Overhaul, Crafting Framework and Quick Gun Modification, combined in a single plugin. Extensive and fully modular but lightweight equipment overhaul and expansion of the crafting system. Configure the mod to your liking via holotape or MCM.

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This mod is a combination of three mods, namely Armor and Clothing Overhaul, Crafting Framework and Quick Gun Modification. Everything tightly packed into a single plugin, including improvements and new features. If you want to learn what the differences to the standalone mods are check out the changelog above.

Extensive but lightweight expansion of the equipment and crafting system. A multi-purpose and mobile workbench allows for crafting of any kind. Overhauls vanilla armour and clothing to be more modular and expandable. Modifications are compatible with every piece of equipment (vanilla and mod) right out of the box as long as the item sports a legendary attachment point. Fully modular and customizable to your own needs. Every feature can be enabled or disabled in the blink of an eye via holotape or optional MCM.
This mod was designed to be a framework and easily expandable. A few guides for the most common tasks can be found in the articles section.

New Workbenches
  • Universal Workbench: This new bench is multi-functional, you can craft and modify everything with it. A new menu allows for selecting a specific category of crafting.
  • Mobile versions of the Universal Workbench and PA Station, can be transported in your inventory.
  • Multiple new recipes for ammo, armour, junk, weapons and all sorts of other items distributed across the multiple modes of ECO's workbench.
  • Workbench Patcher: A FO4Edit script that automatically converts recipes by moving them over to ECO's workbench. Get a clean Chemistry Station with only recipes that belong there. More information on that can be found below in the Workbench Patcher section.

Vanilla Armour and Clothing
  • Changes biped slot usage of most armour and clothing items so you can use them simultaneously. Want to wear your favourite dress but don't want to abandon your defences? Want to wear masks, necklaces, glasses and other stuff simultaneously with helmets and other armour? Now you can. Some individual armour pieces will cause clipping with your clothes. In that case, you can...
  • Make individual armour and headgear pieces invisible (except helmets and hats for technical reasons). At the Armor Workbench, you'll get an additional menu called "AA: Armor Appearance" that holds this option. You can also revert that change by making the armour visible again within the same menu.
  • Armour pieces from the base game can have their size (light, medium, heavy) changed on an Armor Workbench.
  • Almost all clothing items can have ballistic weave applied to them. You still need to complete the Railroad quest to enable that option (or use the cheat option in ECO's holotape/MCM).
  • All armour and clothing items have a legendary attachment point to allow for further customisation with ECO's dynamic Equipment Enhancement system.
  • Nick Valentine is able to wear all sorts of clothing.
  • Several helmets have a functional headlamp, this includes the Combat Armor Helmet, Marine Armor Helmet, Medical Goggles and Tinker Headgear.

Legendary Overhaul
  • Craft, disassemble and swap all the legendary mods the game has to offer, including DLC and a plethora of custom ones.
  • Add an optional 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th legendary mod slot to your armour and weapons.
  • Fallout 76's legendary effects for armour and weapons.
  • Optionally inject new legendary effects into the legendary loot pool, find these effects naturally on legendary enemies.
  • Everything in this category is optional and can be disabled within the holotape or MCM.

General Equipment Modification
  • Doesn't require patches for other mods. Works right out of the box as long the item you want to modify sports the vanilla legendary attachment point. More on that in the "In Detail" section.
  • Make your items unable to be scrapped and/or add a star symbol to them. No more accidentally scrapped valuable items.
  • Change, balance and enhance mechanics of your weapons: ammo conversion, projectile override, firing modes, damage, recoil and firerate modifiers, etc.
  • New unique effects (e.g. jetpack) for your armour, modify jump height and resistance values.
  • Second material and misc effect for your Power Armor and modify it the same way as your armour.
  • All those features can be disabled as well via holotape or MCM.

Quick Gun Modification
  • Switch between various ammo types, firing modes and sight zoom options on the fly.
  • You can make those modifications in any situation, therefore it's especially useful in combat.
  • This works with any kind of weapon whether it's a vanilla one or one added by another mod. The only thing required is a legendary attachment point which 99% of all the weapons out there have by default.

New Instance Naming Rules (INNR)
  • Custom and extended INNR included for armour, clothes, guns, melee weapons and power armour.
  • These INNR make multiple new naming schemes based on ECO's item modifications (legendaries, ammo conversion, etc.) available to the player.
  • They pair well with the FallUI suite and an item sorter like Simple Sorter or Complex Sorter, but work just fine on their own. Links to these mods below in the Recommended Mods section.

New Workbenches

You can place stationary workbenches in settlements and player homes via the workshop menu, found under the Crafting category. The mobile versions can be crafted at any Chemistry Station in the EQUIPMENT AND CRAFTING OVERHAUL category. A single mobile workbench is placed right next to the entrance of Vault 111 (outside), waiting for you, including some other useful items all related to ECO.
Those benches can be placed anywhere in the world by either dropping it from your inventory or using the AID items as a favourites hotkey (or MCM hotkeys). When you activate the workbench a menu appears. Every menu item can be disabled via holotape or optional MCM. Once you're done with crafting you can pack it up and transport in your inventory until you need it again.
The mobile power armor workbench works a bit different. It gets automatically packed up and send to your inventory once you leave the power armor crafting menu.

Menu Structure (click on Show to expand)

General Equipment Modification

This feature uses the vanilla legendary slot as an entry point for its mechanics and functionality. Because of that, the mod is able to modify all kind of equipment without requiring patches for other mods or Creation Club content. Getting this feature up and running is simple:
  1. Go to a workbench of your choice and choose any kind of legendary mod option (even "No Legendary Effect" works here).
  2. This adds the main mod slot Equipment Enhancement which lets you pick and choose what additions you want to add to the item.
  3. Once you've selected one of the options new mod slots will be added to the item that hold a bunch of additional modifications for you to utilise.

All the modifiers (damage, protection, recoil, etc.) aren't meant to be used as an additional progression system but rather tools to balance your items. In case you're applying a second legendary mod be aware that those effects won't show a legendary mod description but the effects will still apply.

Menu Structure (click on Show to expand):

Different ways of crafting and swapping legendary effects
  • The easiest and most natural way of utilising legendary effects is by acquiring legendary items from enemies or other sources. Go to the workbench with them and remove the legendary effect by selecting "No Legendary Effect" in the menu. This will add the effect as a loose mod to your inventory. And that loose mod with its effect can be applied to other items you have without any requirement. You can limit yourself to this option by disabling legendary recipes via holotape or MCM.
  • The second and more advanced way is by scrapping legendary items (items which have a legendary mod applied). You'll receive "Legendary Microchips" for that process. They can be used to craft any legendary effect the mod has to offer, provided you meet the requirements (amount of Legendary Microchips and perks).
  • The Legendary Specialist perks are learned from magazines distributed across the Commonwealth. If you want to know where exactly to get them, there's a separate paragraph in the FAQ article.
  • Additionally, if you've learned the Fortune Finder perk you'll have a chance to find Microchips in several containers across the game world.

Quick Gun Modification

You can start using this feature in two ways:
  1. You can either use the included food item. It can be found right next to the entrance of Vault 111 (outside) where all the other items related to ECO are. It's also craftable via ECO's Universal Workbench, located in the Chemistry Station in the EQUIPMENT AND CRAFTING OVERHAUL section. You can assign it to a Favourites menu slot and make the menu appear by hitting the corresponding hotkey.
  2. Or you make use of the optional MCM. The latter becomes available as soon as you install F4SE and MCM. The hotkey options included in there are more convenient to handle and sport a few extra features.

In case the weapon you're trying to modify isn't set up to directly allow for those modifications the script will automatically apply all necessary steps/mods so you can start using the new functions immediately.
The firing mode switch is a tricky one, rarely it might result in some weapons acting weirdly. If that happens simply change the option back to DEFAULT.

This feature is set up as a framework as well. That means it can be easily expanded without any scripting knowledge. New menus and options can be added in a few seconds within FO4Edit. If you want to learn how exactly to do that there's a guide available for you in the Articles section.

You can configure and customize the mod to your liking. There are two ways to do that directly in-game.

The holotape gets added to the player's inventory when starting the game for the first time after installing the mod given that you already left Vault 111. It can also be crafted at the Chemistry Station under the EQUIPMENT AND CRAFTING OVERHAUL section. All the available options have descriptions. Tweak available slots, recipes, inject the new legendary effects into the game's legendary loot pool, tweak microchip returns when scrapping legendaries, etc.

Mod Configuration Menu (optional)
This is optional. The MCM configuration becomes available as soon as you install Fallout 4 Script Extender (F4SE) and Mod Configuration Menu. This menu sports exactly the same options as those in the holotape plus two hotkey options that make the "drop workbench" items obsolete.

UPDATE: A way more advanced version of my patcher can now be found within M8r98a4f2's Complex Item Sorter.

This is a xEdit script that automatically scans your installed mods for crafting recipes and adds them to ECO's multi-functional workbench. You may patch only a few mods or your entire load order. You'll no longer have a cluttered Chemistry Station with lots of different armour, weapon, ammo or other random recipes. You can even let the script include recipes made for other custom benches.

Usage Instructions
  1. Install ECO and FO4Edit.
  2. Download the Workbench Patcher archive on this page and extract its content into your FO4Edit root folder.
  3. Stay in that folder and run ECO_WorkbenchPatcher.bat. If you're using MO2 check the FAQ on how to run the script. When all required files are in place you can hit Y and Enter to continue.
  4. In FO4Edit's plugin selection keep your entire load order selected and hit OK.
  5. Wait for the loading process to be finished and a menu will appear. In this menu, you can hover over the options to get a tooltip with additional information.
  6. Start the patching process. If that's the first time you're creating a patch the script will ask you for a plugin name.
  7. Afterwards, you can select the plugins you want to be included in the patch.
  8. Follow the instructions and wait until the message box says Patching Complete.

  • Mod Configuration Menu (MCM): This one allows for easy configuration of all of ECO's settings without the need to carry the holotape around with you the whole time. And it's way faster and clearer than the holotape config.
  • Configurable Hotkeys: Configure several hotkeys via MCM that allow you to create standard saves, use items, wait anywhere, execute console commands or custom functions.
  • Global Stash or Junk Scrapper: For your storage and junk scrapping needs. It automatically connects to ECO's workbenches (even the mobile ones) and also allows you to scrap junk automatically.
  • The entire FallUI suite: This makes advanced UI and HUD features available and can be considered an improved/advanced version of DEF_UI. Definitely check this out if you want to use a item sorter mod. Scroll down on the linked mod page to see all the other modules of this awesome suite.
  • Simple Sorter or Complex Item Sorter: I strongly advise against using item sorting mods that bake their tags directly in static plugins (like VIS, VIS-G, FallUI Item Sorter, etc.) because they unnecessarily cause a lot of conflicts with other mods and cause them to break depending on their spot in your load order. Both SS and CIS automatically generate a single plugin for your entire load order. You'll no longer need to create or download patches for your other mods. Complex Item Sorter (by the author of FallUI) even has full ECO support integrated into its patcher.
  • VAFS Redux for ECO: A replacer plugin for VAFS Redux that brings it in line with ECO.
  • Weapons Project and Weapon Pack Integration Project: Two of my own mods that extend, alter and/or fix weapon mods.