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a project to greatly expand the area made by the capital wasteland/ project Mojave team.

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(rebirth project is on a hiatus due to technical issues and me being lazy)
(not cancelled, I just have other projects to work on and don't want to deal with the issues at this time :3)

Welcome to the Mojave, again

this is a beta version of my project Mojave expansion... project. this beta version only reaches the areas of primm.

because this is my first big project expect some bugs, and little detail (which i plan on adding more of)
areas covered
- slums
- NCR outpost
- gates
- City (entrance)

Goodsprings (unfinished)
- doc Mitchells
- farmland
- graveyard
- player home
- Road to goodsprings
- water storage

areas planned
- Mojave outpost
- hidden valley
- 188 trading post

enjoy the beta and any ideas/recommendations for the project would be greatly appreciated :)