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Are you sick of scrapping your settlements to the ground so you can build on them? Me too.

One click of a button in a holotape - gone in sixty seconds! (Depending upon the power of your gaming rig.)

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Version 4.2:

* removing lights is now a toggle option, like trees
* no longer removes Arlen's desk/computer at The Slog
* no longer removes the doors/gates at Covenant if the UFO4P is installed

Version 4.0:

* changed holotape menu options around
* strips some more stuff
* option to strip everything away (even beds and workbenches - nothing left!)
* clears away many lights once the source is removed

Version 3.9:

With many thanks to msalaba and kinggath and Arthmoor + several people in the Armored Reptile Gaming discord for their advice re XBox limits:

* improved cleanup script
* fixed caps stash issue (you now get those caps)
* limits to the settlement budget expansion for both PC and XBox (shows advised maximums)
* added integration for the upcoming Clean My Settlement Redux mod (not yet released)
* settlement budget is now set to 10% of maximum after Razing everything (more in line with scrapping things manually)

Thanks to Mimiyikan:

* Fixed 5 items which were deleted during the gather phase rather than the raze phase

~~~Basic Info~~~

After I-don't-know-how-many scrappings and re-scrappings of settlements in various games, I started a new game. Got into Sanctuary - spoke with Codsworth and did the beginning quest in the area - it came to the point of scrapping down Sanctuary to make a home for the Sole Survivor, and eventually a settlement.

That's when I realized: I cannot bring myself to scrap another settlement again. Ever.

Yes, there are mods with pre-scrapped settlements and resources ready to go, etc. I didn't want those. Yes, you can use Transfer Settlements and Sim Settlements: Rise of the Commonwealth. However: I don't have many Transfer Settlements plans that I'm entirely happy with, and I want to learn (and play) with building my own vision of the Commonwealth.

So: I made a holotape that will strip your settlement to the bone within a couple of minutes, depending upon the power of your gaming rig. You don't need Transfer Settlements. You don't need Sim Settlements: Rise of the Commonwealth. One click and it gets wiped away automatically.



* Take control of the workshop
* Load the holotape
* Choose to raze the settlement to the ground
* Add basic scrap or shipments as you desire
* The "Add Basic Scrap (Sanctuary)" option can be run and added to any settlement (it's close to the amount of scrap Sanctuary should start with)

Note: In large settlements like Spectacle Island you will need to run the holotape 2-4 times while standing in various places on the island. That's because the place is so big that the game literally doesn't have the stuff rendered/in memory for the holotape to grab. You have to be closer to the stuff so that it can be loaded and the holotape find it.

Special Note: This is set to delete vanilla objects. Anything specially-scrappable in Mechanists Lair and Vault 88 will not be affected. Custom settlements - it's a toss-up (you might try the Raze Built Settlement (EXPERIMENTAL) option as well).

~~~Stuff Affected~~~

Loose junk, food, caps, armor, clothing, weapons, etc - these are placed into the workshop. The main DLC items are included, Creation Club and mod-added items are not included.

Items in a container that is going to be scrapped are placed into the workshop (including mod-added items that are in that container).

~~~Stuff Not Affected~~~

Beds and sleeping bags, bobbleheads, perk magazines, workbenches (unless you set it to really aggressive scrapping), corpses, new (non-vanilla) items added by mods.

There are also several items which are not touched. These are often lore-related (computers) - Shaun's crib - the Sole Survivor's refrigerator with calendar and notes from Nora - the lights and pumps at Red Rocket (aesthetics) - a whole lot of things at The Castle - stuff like that.

If I've removed items that you don't think should be removed, let me know in the comments.


All vanilla settlements. All Far Harbour settlements. Nuka World Red Rocket. The Mechanist's Lair. Vault 88.

Note: You can now use the holotape in Home Plate. You *might* be able to run it in a custom mod settlement. It depends upon how well the settlement was put together. I make no guarantees, don't ask.

~~~Build Limit Note and Warning~~~

This mod allows you to increase your build limit, or reset your current build-use back to 0% or 10% of the maximum current build limit.

Unless you have God's gaming rig - your computer will likely stutter once you get to filling up a 3x-4x normal build limit. In extreme cases, where you've built a settlement up to insane levels, it may drop below 15 FPS.

If you have such a rig, thumbs-up! Go hardcore and enjoy yourselves. Ride that baby into the ground.

For the rest of us mere mortals: keep that maximum build limit down low.

~~~Scrapping and Resources~~~

This mod does not add scrap to your workshop as if you had scrapped things manually. This is not possible - even with F4SE.

I've added a holotape option [Add Basic Scrap (Sanctuary)] - this adds scrap as if you had scrapped Sanctuary by hand.

It does not change the amounts depending on the settlement you are in - vanilla or mod-added. One size fits all.

~~~Modpack Users~~~
Talk with the modpack maker.


Q: Your mod broke my game!
A: Uninstall this mod and revert to an earlier save.

Q: It's gone a bit farther with the scrapping than I think it should...would you set it to let X alone?
A: Make a good case for it (aesthetics- and lore-wise) and I might.

Q: Hey, I didn't get the stuff in my workbench as if I'd scrapped things!
A: Scripts cannot do that. Not even with F4SE - which I'm not going to use because I want the XBox players to be able to use it. Use the Add Scrap and Add Shipments options.

Q: Will you make changes for X mod?
A: No.

Q: Will you change the scrap amounts for X settlement? Or make accurate scrap amounts for each settlement?
A: No.

Q: Scrap Everything/Spring Cleaning patch?
A: Not possible for various reasons. Mostly because each user has different tastes of what they want removed via those mods. If you want to make your own patch, feel free. If you want to put it up on Nexus, I'm okay with that. You'd best get permission from the authors of Scrap Everything and Spring Cleaning first.

Q: Hey what will happen if I really expand my build-limit? Like hitting the 4x multiple times?
A: Can no longer be done. Settlement budget multiplier is now limited to a maximum of 4x for PC, 2x for XBox.

Q: I can't find the holotape!
A: Craft it at the Chemistry station, under the Utilities section.

Q: (any and all questions and bugreports regarding "why aren't you using scrapall" ad nauseum)
A: There are reasons for not not NOT using scrapall. I looked into them. I asked around. I decided it was too dangerous to the game to use.

I started writing this. I showed what I was planning, how things were being done, etc. People who are extremely good modders approved of what I was doing.

That is how randomly dangerous the scrapall command is to your game.

That said.

You wanna use scrapall, go for it. Ride that game into an early smoking crater. Rinse and repeat. You're welcome.

By the way, XBox user's cannot use scrapall. They're safe from some of the dumb ways that us PC users can break our games.

Q: (any and all questions and bugreports regarding broken precombines aka stuff not normally scrappable being removed because precombines are broken)
A: If you *must* break precombines, don't use Raze.

Q: Can you increase the area affected?
A: No. That's why I suggest that players run it in 2-4 locations on Spectacle Isle.

Raze is set up to look at everything within 20,000 units aka about 9 uGrids (1 uGrid is 4096x4096 units) of the player. The default FO4 game only uses 5 uGrids for very good reasons - so Raze will only pick up things within about 10,000 units. Anything further away than that hasn't been loaded by the game and therefore won't be picked up.

If you choose to use 7 or 9 uGrids (or more) then only 7 or 9 uGrids will be checked - and you'd better have God's gaming rig. Even so it will be damned slow, because double the radius = 4x the area and at least 4x as much stuff being checked.

I'd also be damned surprised if you had a functioning build-area that big. The only mod that I can think of which does that is Annex the Commonwealth, by 1000101 / E. Yes, I've tested Raze with that mod.