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This mod fixes some glaring bugs in Northland Diggers by ludvig08 (TBF it hasn't been updated in like 5 years)

There is also a tweaked version that I made that I think is a lot more balanced than the original.

Permissions and credits
This mod fixes some glaring bugs in Northland Diggers by ludvig08 (TBF it hasn't been updated in like 5 years)
There is also a tweaked version that I made that I think is a lot more balanced than the original.

Fixed Version

Changes I Made:

- Brought all of the names of the buildable objects into uniformity:
Previously the names were kind of all over the place and a little sloppy.
eg: inconsistent grammar, punctuation, and a few spelling mistakes.

- Added the uninstaller chem to the pre-existing Chembench recipe:
The recipe was originally set up incorrectly and would refuse to show up in the Chembench menu. This was because the uninstaller chem was missing from the recipe's "Constructed Object" field
This Fix was suggested by Sharlikran on the Northland Diggers' Posts Section

- Changed some recipe's construction ingredients, and outputs of some workbenches, to have the proper type of item:
Some construction recipes and outputs of workbenches had mixed up types of the same item.
eg: Some objects required fertilizer (the misc item) and not fertilizer (the component). Same goes for concrete.

- Added a leveled list to The Fishy Butcher and Fish Quality Inspection:
Also added them to the WorkhopParentQuest Script, so they should add to your workshop automatically.
The leveled list contains a small amount of Bone and an even smaller amount of Oil (Slimy Fish).

- Fixed the Settler interaction animation with the Botanist station:
Before, the Settlers would not interact with the station, now they do.
I've changed the NPC interaction animation from NPCNewspaperSitting to NPCWorkbenchChemistryMarker. This allows them to interact with the station.
This fix was suggested by OlBrentonoftheWest on the Northland Diggers' Bugs Section

- Cleaned up the Botanist Leveled List a bit:
There were some duplicate entries that I removed (Glowing Fungus and Ash Blossom).

Version 1.1: 

- Added the script file from Northland Diggers Installed Message Removed by MJS814 with his permission.
This .pex file will make it so you won't see the Northland Diggers Installed message every time you load a saved game.
You won't need his mod anymore. Big thanks to him for making this.

Fixed and Tweaked Version

Does everything the Fixed Version does plus:

- Reduced the outputs of the workbenches to around 30-60% of what it was, depending on the rarity of item:
The outputs looked pretty unbalanced before, one or two even had the "use all" flag on, causing an output of double what it should have been.

- Added Bonus Happiness to the Brewer:
I don't really understand why it didn't before. It only makes sense that your settlers would be happy, while drunk off their asses!
+5 Bonus Happiness, same as the Undertaker station gives.

- Upped the food production for the Butcher Settlement and The Fishy Butcher to +6 from +3:
As a counter to being able to spam these non-stop, I've limited them to 2 of each per settlement.
In version 1.1 I've changed the limit to 1 of each per settlement.

- Removed the ability to harvest by activating the station:
This will stop the ability to double harvest.
I did this by setting all of the seasonal ingredient production values to 0 from 100. It should still deposit into the workshop.

- Added more tools and junk items to the Wasteland Garage Leveled List:
Chances are if it's a tool, or used with a tool or machinery, it'll be in there. There's like 40 different junk items now.
Made as a separate leveled list, referenced by the Wasteland Garage Leveled List, so as to not drown out the other scrap.

- Removed the BOS Experimental Plant from the Botanist Leveled List:
The BOS Experimental Plant being in there seemed very illogical, seeing as how you only find out about them on the Prydwen

- Removed all of the WIP recipes:
I deleted the Brahmin, Misc Goodies, and Grass WIP recipes. They should not show anymore.

- Added Bonus Happiness to the regular Butcher station (Not Butcher Settlement):
I thought it could put it in line with the fish butcher's bonuses.
+3 Bonus to Happiness.

Version 1.1:

- Added a small defense bonus (+1) to the Pump It! weight lifting bench/station.

- Added food production to the Wasteland BBQ station (+6).
To stop the ability to spam this, I've limited the amount that you can build to 1 per settlement.
This brings the station in line with the changes I've made to the restrictions for the Butcher Settlement and The Fishy Butcher stations in 1.1.

In order for the Uninstall Chem to work, you will need this file.
It is a recompiled script fix uploaded to Mediafire by Sharlikran
Currently waiting on permission to add it into this mod.


Install only 1 file!


Place in Fallout 4/Data

With Manager:
Download and Install normally

Both of these mods are set as .esl flagged .Esps, so this won't get you any closer to the max plugin limit.

As always, criticism is always welcome, and even encouraged! I hope you enjoy! :)