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This is just a place for Simplified Sorting patches and No AWKCR replacers.

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This stated with a determination to tag all the radio stations and holotapes in the Pip-Boy.  It spun into making a few No AWKCR replacers and creating many Simplified Sorting tag patches. 

Currently available - 4 No AWKCR Replacers:

  • Super Mutant Redux No-AWKCR REPLACER
  •   **NEWS** Many more updates and now hosted on it's own page.

Currently Available - 4 No AWKCR Patches tagged for Simplified Sorting:

  • Raider Overhaul No-AWKCR Restored Content Patch
  •   The Simplified Sorting patch is still here.  I have an improved Restored content patch on another page but it is NOT tagged for Simplified Sorting.  It will be done when time permits.

Some of the restored items include:

Plus all of MadMAX713's Power Armor Chop-Shop Armors, which are already built into Raider Overhaul, will populate in game:

I still have other Simplified Sorting Patches Here:


The Below will be in a FOMOD within a couple days:  (or I'll continue to distract myself until the end of time)



D.E.C.A.Y 2.2 - Balance Replacer .esp with Simplified Sorting tags
Far West Minutemen - No AWKCR - No CROSS Cybernetics
We are the Far West Minutemen - No AWKCR

Uploading Here Soon! 
(The below items are not yet available)

Tags for This and That:


Uploading Soon

Radio Stations:


SS Patches - Quest_Perk_Radio Tags
I've made a couple files to tag radio stations, quests, and perks using the rollups from CrowsOath.
1.  Download the Simplified Sorting Patches main FOMOD and choose Crow's Customizations + Quest Tags.
2.  Download my Quest_Perk_Radio Tags and overwrite his DEF_INV_TAGS file.
* These must load AFTER Simplified Sorting to use these DEF_INV_TAGS and lyrconf.xml files.
* Load this mod BEFORE Specialty quest mods to prevent conflicts with any quest stages.
EX:   *  The Danse Dilema
*  Nuka World Reborn
*  Hilda Hughes - An Institute Story

Old World Radio Boston
-  An Old World Radio Christmas
-  An Old World Radio Christmas Decorations
Old World Radio 2
Atomic Radio