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AIO sorting solution for FROST. Includes a single ESP sorting mod with own INNR rulesets for armor and weapons, vanilla naming conventions, no balance changes, and all UFO4P fixes.

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  • Russian

naugrim04 for FROST Survival Simulator


The way FROST works makes it impossible to have 100% coverage regarding tags and sorting from the start, as instance naming rules just work on newly spawned items. As you load a premade save in FROST, some armor and weapons will have no tags until you update them either by dropping and picking them up again or modifying them in the workbench.

I was getting a bit tired of the patching and plugin mess that comes with sorting mods. I also didn't like the way VIS and AWKCR worked regarding sorting and INNR rulesets, how many clutter was added in AWKCR that I never use, and how many personal tweaks were made in VIS. As I just play with FROST or Horizon, I had to make a solution for my FROST loadout that includes everything made from scratch. This includes tagging of all items the vanilla game and all its DLCs contain, a minimum of keywords for armor and weapons (the weapon tagging is 99% conflict free, touching no weapon records), custom filtered rulesets, custom XML regex configurations for rollups, custom XML tab configuration and filters, tweaks to some HUD SWF files to hide tags were they just get in the way and my remade icon library DEF_UI Iconlibs Rescaled and Fixed. All in one package.

You can use the mod without the FROST plugin as an AIO sorting solution for the vanilla game and all its DLCs as well.

Keep in mind this is not compatible to AWKCR or VIS, as I didn't wan't to build this within the restrictions of other work.


For the Simplified Sorting version:

  • DEF_UI by Neanka and Valdacil and Old Nick and ParasiteX and sekoms

For the VIS-RUE/AWKCR version:

  • DEF_UI by Neanka and Valdacil and Old Nick and ParasiteX and sekoms


Loadorder with Simplified Sorting. This is a single ESP all in one sorting mod, made from scratch. It changes no vanilla naming conventions, has a conflict free weapon tagging system and covers the entire game and all its DLCs. It is not backwards compatible to VIS or AWKCR, it replaces them completely. It includes many items that are still missed by sorting mods today. It has a more logical tagging system that keeps identical items in groups even in large inventories and makes full use of my custom icon library.

  • Simplified Sorting.esp
  • FROST.esp
  • FROST Simplified Sorting Patch.esp

Loadorder with VIS-RUE/AWKCR. It should roughly look like this, otherwise you will have missing tags and icons. You can merge all sorting mods after ArmorKeywords.esm in that order excluding mine, because it has to load after FROST.esp.

  • ArmorKeywords.esm
  • ValdacilsItemSorting-00-ValsPicks-DLCVersion-VanillaWeight.esp
  • ValdacilsItemSorting-ArmorBySlot.esp
  • ValdacilsItemSorting-CosmeticsByType.esp
  • ValdacilsItemSorting-Weapons.esp
  • Radrose Usability Enhancements.esp
  • VIS-RUE No Balance Changes.esp
  • FROST.esp
  • FROST VIS-RUE Patch.esp


The notes are only for the VIS-RUE/AWKCR version that is no longer supported.

As instructed on the Radrose Usability Enhancements page, choose ValdacilsItemSorting-00-ValsPicks-DLCVersion-VanillaWeight.esp.

Make sure to install all the 9.1 updates of Valdacil's Item Sorting as well: VIS - Armor by Slot v9.1VIS - Cosmetics by Type v9.1 and VIS - Weapons v9.1.

This patch is made only for VIS - Armor by Slot v9.1 and VIS - Cosmetics by Type v9.1 because many vanilla classes don't exist in FROST so sorting by slot and type makes much more sense.

I highly recommend to use my optional plugin VIS-RUE No Balance Changes.esp as it undoes all of the component, weight, value and other balance changes in VIS and RUE, and just adds tags, component tags and carries over all UFO4P changes.

Install the required mod DEF_UI Iconlibs Rescaled and Fixed, otherwise you will be missing icons for tags like [7.62], [Corpse], [Shroom], [Meat], (Energy) and so on.

For now, only use Armor and Weapon Keywords Community Resource (AWKCR) version 3.2 for your FROST loadout. The same is true for Horizon if you use that.

Not sure if Armorsmith Extended should be used with FROST, it breaks balancing in my opinion and most changes are overwritten by FROST anyway.

Be sure to report any problems you may find in the comments!