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Standalone, usable, craftable bandages and other first aid items.

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  • German

New in Version 2.3.1:
Now compatible with Wasteland Ballistics: Bandages and some other items will stop bleeding.

New in Version 2.3:
Actually fixes Medic Perk bugs for Stimpak/Stimcrak items. Tweaks Stimpak/Stimcrak healing rates.
New: Damn Apocalypse compatibility patch.

Wasteland Wound Care
Adds standalone, usable, craftable bandages and other first aid items to Fallout 4.

Speaking of food based healing, you might want to check out 'Food Mod' also by Yours Truly.
(It removes healing from food, and stuff, to go along with this mod.)

Or else the original version: 'Food Don't Heal' also also by Yours Truly.

* Less powerful healing than Stimpaks.
* Medic perk give increasing bonuses, so the items should still be useful at higher levels.
* Works WITH Survival Mode.
* Works WITHOUT Survival mode.

New items:
(Numbers are approximate.)

*Dirty Rag Bandage = Restores 5 HP in 200 sec. (17 HP at Medic level 4.) 4 Rads. Disease Risk High.
*Clean Rag Bandage = Restores 9 HP in 200 sec. (27 HP at Medic level 4.) Disease Risk Moderate.
*Sterile Bandage = Restores 15 HP in 200 sec. (45 HP at Medic level 4.) Crafting requires Medic-1.
*Medicated Bandage (Pre-War, Sealed) = Restores 24 HP in 200 sec. (56 HP at Medic level 4.) Antimicrobial effects.
*M1a1 Advanced Trauma Dressing = Restores 36 HP in 60 sec. (84 HP at Medic level 4.)
*Raider Rad-Out = Restores 120 Rads in 20 sec. +25 Rad Resist, minor HP damage, -3 PCP, bad breath.
*Wasteland Wound Balm = Restores 45 HP in 100 sec. (100 HP at Medic level 4.) Restores limbs +10%. 5 Rads.
*Scavver Medkit = Restores 20 HP in 200 sec. (100 HP at Medic level 4.) With Medic-1, restores limbs +1%.
*Scavver Surgery Kit = Restores 18 HP in 300 sec. (180 HP at Medic level 4.) With Medic-2, restores limbs +50%.  
*Ace Bandage = Restores limbs only (not head or torso) +10%. (25% with Medic-1).
*Stimcrak = 100% as effective as Stimpaks, but highly addictive, plus Disease Risk.
*Expired Stimpak = About 80% as effective as Stimpaks.
*Bloodleaf Bandage = Restores HP. No drawbacks.
*Diluted Stimpak = About 40% as effective as Stimpaks.
*Diluted Expired Stimpak = About 20% as effective as Stimpaks.
*Super-Stimpak = About Twice as effective as Stimpaks. -1 STR for 240 sec.

Modified items:
Stimpak (vanilla) now slower (takes 4x longer), and heals less locational damage (50% instead of 100%). Medic Perk increases healing by 10% per level (instead of vanilla 20%).

* All the items have been added to various leveled lists.
* Some can be found in containers and on deceased persons, and some can be purchased from vendors. Some of them are rare.
* Most can be crafted at the Chemistry Station, under the Healing tab. (The pre-war items cannot be crafted.)

German translation:

Future Plans:
Next version might  increase effectiveness of Bloodleaf Bandages, and make Expired Stimpaks cause more thirst.
And scripted leveled list integration, some day, maybe.

Constructive feedback is very welcome!

This mod does not alter any resources. (Except Stimpaks.) It does not use scripts or make changes in Worldspace or Cells. It should be extremely compatible. AFAIK it can't possibly hurt anything.

Other mods that modify certain leveled lists may conflict gently with this mod, such that not all the items appear as loot when they should. Using FO4Edit to make a Merged Patch will fix that problem completely. If you don't use a Merged Patch (and why not??), then I recommend loading Wasteland Wound Care early in your load order, letting other mods overwrite it. You might lose out on some looted bandages and find a few more Stimpaks than this mod would ordinarily give you, oh well, but there should be no other problems.

As of v. 2.3.1 this mod is now compatible with Wasteland Ballistics.
A compatibility patch for Damn Apocalypse is available as an optional download.

Installation / Uninstallation:
Install / uninstall the usual way. Very simple. It's just one .esp file. (You can install it, remove it, upgrade it - no problem - it won't affect saved games.)

Updating to 2.3.1:

.ESL version:

1. Replace the old .esl with the new .esl.
2. Prosper.

.ESP flagged as .ESL version:
1. Replace the old .esp with the new .esp.
2. Lose all your inventory items, but gain an .esp slot.
3. It's not so bad, just make new items. Or complain and I will probably oblige you.

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