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This mod brings the Far West Minutemen into the We Are The Minutemen framework, replaces most of the We Are The Minutemen outfits with Far West Minutemen outfits, and adds craftable follower and guard variants of each of the classes of Far West Minutemen.

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We Are The Far West Minutemen

The Minutemen are my favorite faction in Fallout 4, but it's hard to deny that they can be a bit uninspiring in their vanilla form. We Are The Minutemen and Far West Minutemen are two of my favorite mods on the Nexus, because they both address some of the major shortcomings of the Minutemen, albeit in very different ways. We Are The Minutemen turns them into an organized and uniformed militia group, and allows you to make them into a much more formidable fighting force. It makes your role as the General of the Minutemen feel like you're actually in charge, and allows you to set out into the wasteland leading your troops into battle. Far West Minutemen takes a different approach, and turns them into a collective of scattered wastelanders who all have their own specializations and unique characteristics, but all share a common cause, and have one hell of a sense of style.

In my view, a strong leader should be able to gather these scattered wasteland specialists and turn them into the organized and formidable force that the Commonwealth needs. An effective Minutemen General should be able to lead their heavily armed and armored Extremists into battle, whether it be into the thick of a Gunner base to exact vengeance for the Quincy Massacre, or against any other force that wishes to bring harm upon the people of the Commonwealth. Breaking new ground is essential for growth, and the General can't do it alone. The role of the Conqueror is to aid in clearing the way and make sure that this growth is possible. As the Minutemen territory continues to expand, the role of the Pioneer and the Settler is crucial, because it's only a matter of time before unsettled territory is taken over by someone or something else. Specialists such as the Sanitary, Hunter, and Tinkerer have essential skills that every Commonwealth settlement needs to have on hand if they hope to survive. As settlements grow and more settlements unite, the role of the Emissary, the Strategist, the Marshal, and the Reeve become ever more important for establishing leadership, diplomacy, and the restoration of law and order across the Commonwealth. Not all settlements will be able to produce the same resources, which makes the role of the Provisioner a necessity. The wasteland is a hostile place though, and this role shouldn't be taken on by just anyone. Many people in the Commonwealth feel a need to believe in something bigger than themselves, and even bigger than the Minutemen. For these people, the role of the Pastor is indispensable. As the Commonwealth is reunited and as progress continues, it can be easy to forget the past and where we've come from. The importance of doing so is often scoffed at by those who can only look forward, but that old adage is as true as it ever was - Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it. The role of the Traditionalist is to make sure that this never happens. Not to be forgotten, the role of mans' best friend is as important as it ever has been. The Minutemen Dogs that often accompany patrols around the wasteland serve to provide extra security and early detection of enemies, as well as providing aid in search and rescue operations. In settlements, they can aid in hunting, pest control, defense, and countless other tasks.

The General should be able to see the skills and values in the people who are under their command, and put these skills to work wherever they're needed, and that is what this mod aims to accomplish.

What does this mod actually do?

This mod does a number of things.

The craftable 'generic' Minuteman followers and guards from WATM will now spawn with the numerous variations of the 'generic' FWM outfits. Note that WATM retextures some of the vanilla Minutemen clothing, some of which is used in the generic FWM outfits. These retextures are carried through to this mod. The outfits for the Veteran Minutemen are unchanged from the original WATM outfits.

Power Armored Minutemen have now been added as craftable guards upon reaching level 30, and both the Power Armored Minutemen followers and guards will spawn with either a Power Armor Helmet, or with a random assortment of the head and eyewear from FWM. In the WATM base mod, the Power Armored Minutemen spawned only with Miniguns. I wanted a little more variation with their weapon choices, so the Power Armored Minutemen will now spawn with either a Minigun or a Gatling Laser, as well as any other comparable big guns that you've modded into the game, as long as the weapon author has added them to the same leveled list.

All of the individual classes of Minutemen added by FWM are now craftable as both Minuteman followers and Minuteman guards, and they all have the same functionality as the Minuteman followers and guards from WATM. Each class of the Far West Minutemen will randomly spawn based on the variations of each outfit within each FWM class. This means that if you craft multiple Far West Minutemen of the same class, they'll all have the same base outfit, but they'll also each have their own slightly varied aesthetic touches based on the templates from FWM.

Weapon spawns for the Far West Minutemen have been unchanged, and are still set to spawn with a random weapon from the Minutemen weapon leveled lists. The only exception to this is the Minuteman Extremists. In the base FWM mod, the Extremists are set to spawn with Miniguns. I wanted them to have a little more variation with their weapon choices to better reflect their unique nature, so I've given the Extremists the same weapon spawns as the Power Armored Minutemen. They'll now spawn with either a Minigun or a Gatling Laser, along with any other modded big guns that have been added to the same leveled list by the weapon mod author.

Unique Minutemen like Preston Garvey and Ronnie Shaw will spawn with their outfits from Far West Minutemen, as will the various fallen Minutemen that you can find in several locations around the Commonwealth (RIP, you brave souls).

Minutemen patrols will wear the Far West Minutemen outfits, and the dogs that often accompany them will be wearing the Far West Minutemen Dog Armor.

A Few Notes and Some Planned Updates

If you're installing this with an existing character, this mod will not retroactively change the outfits of existing Minutemen NPCs. You can click on a Minuteman NPC and enter 'recycleactor' in the console though, and it will respawn them with a new Far West Minutemen outfit. This will work for both workshop Minutemen and unique Minutemen like Preston and Ronnie. I recommend removing valuable and unique items from their inventory before doing so, just to be on the safe side. They may respawn naked, so brace yourself for a nude Preston. If you find a Minuteman NPC non-responsive after entering 'recycleactor', you may need to enter 'disable', 'enable', and then 'moveto 14', which should make them responsive again. I received a report that this didn't work with the Minutemen settlers who show up at The Castle -after- retaking it, so keep this in mind.

Crafting the Far West Minutemen is unchanged from the crafting in We Are The Minutemen. Once you've completed Taking Independence you'll be able to craft the Central Command from the Special category at any of your settlements, which will allow you to craft the various classes of Minuteman guards. The Minutemen will show up in your 'Misc' inventory, and you must drop them from your inventory to spawn them. As with WATM, they don't fully register as settlement NPCs right away. You must create a save and then load that save, and then you'll need to assign their location through the build menu as usual. Exiting the game with Minutemen still in your inventory will cause them to disappear, so make sure to drop them all before exiting the game.

Once you've completed Old Guns and reached level 30, you'll be able to craft Minuteman followers through the Special category of your build menu, but only at The Castle. At level 30 you can craft generic Minutemen and every class of the Far West Minutemen. At level 40 you can craft Veteran Minutemen, and at level 50 you can craft Power Armored Minutemen. All of the Minuteman followers are added to the Special category of your build menus.

Minuteman followers will spawn randomly as either male or female. If you'd like to spawn a specific gender (or simply want a different variation of the base outfit), pressing down and then up in the build menu will recycle the NPC being spawned and allow you to spawn specific ones to your liking. I considered adding separate craftable male and female Minuteman NPCs...but...scrolling through the Minutemen can be quite a bit slower than scrolling through the other categories. It's spawning NPCs that are wearing some fairly complex outfits that are being drawn from multiple leveled lists, so it just takes a moment for the engine to register them. Adding separate male and female spawns would double the amount of entries, and it would slow down the menu even more, so I opted against it. I'd like to eventually move the Minuteman NPCs into their own category in the build menu to minimize this issue while crafting other things from the Special category. Fortunately, this issue is only present at The Castle and will not apply to the Special category in any other settlement workshop.

In the base Far West Minutemen mod, the Minuteman NPCs are set to spawn with any face from the pool of non-unique NPC faces. I haven't been able to figure out how to implement this through the workshop yet, and currently the Far West Minutemen are only spawning from the vanilla pool of about 15 different Minutemen NPC faces. Changing this to a much larger pool of NPC faces is my biggest priority right now.

Minuteman Dogs are set to spawn with the Far West Minutemen Dog Armor. I'd like to change this so that both the WATM and FWM dogs will spawn, and I'm going to look into creating craftable Minuteman Dog followers and guards.

I may narrow down the weapon spawns for each of the Far West Minutemen classes to better reflect their specializations and their needs. If anyone has any thoughts on what weapons would make sense for each class, I'd love to hear your suggestions.

I may look into restoring the vanilla textures for the Minutemen clothing, instead of using the retextures from We Are The Minutemen. Personally, I think they look fine with the retextured outfits though, and this is only applicable to a few of them, so it's not a high priority.

I'm probably also going to create a version that merges the leveled lists of WATM and FWM for the generic Minuteman followers and guards. This would mean that the generic Minutemen would randomly spawn in outfits and armor from both WATM and FWM, as well as various combinations of the two.

Custom menu art for each class? This is probably my lowest priority, and I may just never bother with it.


Fallout 4 (I know, nobody saw that one coming)
Armor and Weapon Keywords Community Resources
Armorsmith Extended
We Are The Minutemen
Far West Minutemen

This plugin must be loaded after WATM and FWM. This also currently requires the full version of FWM, not the lite version. If there's enough interest, I'll consider creating a lite version, but no promises. Or you can just try using it with the lite version, I have no idea if it will work. If you try, please be sure to let me know how it goes.


Install with NMM. Or if you prefer, download manually, extract to your installation folder, and then enable the plugin. You must load WATM first, then FWM, and then the Minutemen Merged patch.

A HUGE thank you to Morphion for Far West Minutemen, and to TheFirstEnD for We Are The Minutemen. Thanks to both of you for giving me permission to upload this, and for helping me out with a few questions that I had along the way. Your mods have made this game a million times better for me, and I feel fortunate to be able to upload this.

If you like this mod, please don't forget to hit the 'endorse' button. More importantly though, make sure you endorse both We Are The Minutemen and Far West Minutemen. The work I put into this is a mere fraction of the work they've put into their mods, and they deserve all of the real credit. Head over to their profiles and give them some well earned kudos after you endorse their mods.

Thanks are also in order for the many people who have contributed to both of these mods. Without these people, our wonderful modding community would be a mere shadow of what it is. Head over to their profiles and give them some kudos and download lots of their mods.

Tumbajumba, for creating new assets just for Far West Minutemen (and for the Combat Power Armor and XM73 that I've never uninstalled)
Caliente, for the CBBE body, which takes outfit modding to the next level
Valdacil, for AWKCR, which serves as an indispensable foundation for so many wonderful mods
Gambit77, for Armorsmith Extended and Weaponsmith Extended (which is the source of many of the weapons in these screenshots), and his work on countless other mods
Niero, for the CROSS Pre-War Cybernetics, and so many other fantastic mods
Elianora, for Eli's Armour Compendium, and the countless wonderful mods that she's contributed to our community
Fadingsignal, for the West-Tek Tactical Optics, and so many other high quality mods
Crimsomrider, for Crimsomrider's Accessories, and many other mods that take outfit customization to the next level
M150, for the Cigarette in Mouth mod, and a ton of other cool and unique mods
Aldebaran90, for Wearable Backpacks and Pouches, this mod has been on my essential list for a long time
MunkySpunk, for the Far West Minutemen Dog Armor textures
Ellise, for the black shoulder bag from the Agent Outfit
Arideya, for Wasteland Fashion
Eferas, for the bandoliers
, for the Travel Bag
Dales, for several of the retextures in We Are The Minutemen
DoktorSoviet, for the Minutemen Combat Armor Standalone retexture
VaultScout, for the Minutemen Bandana Retexture, Dogmeat sends his regards
kwn2k, for the Minutemen Beret Retexture
ripper1302, for assisting with the translation of the original WATM mod
Epervier 666, for the ESP-ESM Translator

And of course, many thanks to zilav and the rest of the FO4Edit team, to everyone at Nexus Mods for running the best site on the internet, and to Bethesda for the countless hours of both joy and frustration.

Recommended Mods
None of these mods are in any sense required for this one, but I wanted to list a few mods that I think complement this very well, and help to create the ultimate Minutemen play through.

The Castle-Fully Restored In and Out - If you want a restoration for The Castle, you're not going to find a better one than this. It restores the collapsed sections, removes ALL of the rubble, and opens up the interiors that were previously filled by said rubble. This leaves you with a lot more space for barracks, lounge areas, eateries, etc. It works perfectly with all of the quests too. It may not be for everyone, but it's an essential for me.
Faction Housing Overhaul - The Castle - Yet another fantastic Elianora player home. Her work is incredible, and it makes The Castle so much more usable as a central base of operations for the Minutemen General.
Sandbag Fortifications - Perfect for creating fortifications in your settlements that are, in my opinion, much more lore friendly than a 40 foot high concrete wall.
Angry Artillery - This turns your artillery strikes into a maelstrom of thunder and chaos, instead of having long delays between each shell. It turns an artillery strike into one hell of a spectacle.
Simple Artillery Strikes - Expands the range of artillery, removes the cooldown period so you can call in back-to-back artillery strikes, and makes the artillery flares craftable.
155mm Howitzer M1 - Swaps the vanilla artillery out for a Howitzer. In my opinion, this makes more sense than using some archaic artillery emplacement all over the place. And it just looks completely badass. Sandbag Fortifications even includes some camouflage netting made to fit over the Howitzer.
Neutral Vertibirds - Because the General needs to be able to ride around in style, and reach a destination in a timely and efficient manner.