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Large build that turns Waker's Creek from Northern Springs into a massive, sprawling fortified lake town.

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Waker Colony is an important resource for the Republic - vast quantities of pure, uncontaminated water. The only other place that even remotely compares to this is the Jefferson Memorial in the Capital Wasteland. As such, this is one of the most fortified settlements allied to the Republic. Bunkers, a maze of barbed wire, and a network of watchtowers surround this precious reservoir of life-giving liquid, to be bottled and sent back to the Commonwealth.

But the goal of Waker Colony is three fold: 

  1. To bottle the triple-filtered spring water
  2. To grow purified tarberries, which have a variety of medical and chemical applications in addition to being edible
  3. To farm schools of fish, which thanks to the pure water, are far less likely to mutate, and thus yields are dramatically bigger. 

To say that Waker Colony has changed the living standards of the Republic and the Coalition as a whole is an understatement. 

Like all Republic-allied settlements, there are onsite weapon, armor, and clothing manufacturing, repair, and stalls for commercial sale, medical treatment, junk and decor trading, a bar, an arcade for relaxation, and dedicated technicians to maintain and repair the pumps and purification systems. Most of the buildings were regrettably hastily constructed, being only plain wood and reassembled pier shacks.