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The maze is a new land mod. in this version, you have more of 30 new location,10 new quest,a new settlement, a playerhouse, a new radio,etc. i work on the mod everyday and you can expect new content.The mod is better in survival too,

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The Maze
The maze is a far island. In some ways, you get lost in the maze. For the w.i.p, you have only one goal:find the exit. Travel to the map marker...around vault 111 and choose the entrance. After, explore the maze.

The content so far(more to come)
more of 30 new locations(some hidden)
more of 10 new quest(some hidden)
a player settlement(limited)
a player house(with a workshop)
a new radio(diamond, freedom and classical cannot reach the island.)
lot of maze.(YOU WILL BE LOST)
the part one is ready. the part 2  in(w.i.p)

The Main quest
the main quest will come in the final version.(like the lod) sorry, but I will need lot of new content(voice, meshes, new armor and weapon for the main quest). Just wait,

the maze have two entrance, metro and the house. the house bring you to the maze and the metro to the city. the city is not finish, use the house for a better adventure.

Is a maze, follower don't like maze. Most of the locations have navmeshes....but npc are  npc

Only bug so far
,after the intro, you will lose all of your item(can find your item in a footlocker with a quest marker). a too big inventory can make the game freezes. just go to the maze with a small one

Grammar typing
the post nuclear school are not the best, expect some grammar error.

some city interior, with a new maze