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Northern Springs is a massive DLC which adds a whole new location larger than both Nuka World and Far Harbor.

An enormous land to explore with new quests, new weapons, new armor, settlements and much more to find. A true DLC that naturally expands & adds beyond the Commonwealth further to the North in an area where Nuclear Winter ne

Permissions and credits
  • Spanish
  • Russian
This is a new land DLC. A location built up from scratch.

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Update: 60+ interiors added to the location. That's even more than Far Harbor!

ESM file allows anybody to further patch the location, or add their own plugins without having to edit the Main Files! All Plugins will continue to work on further updates.

Having Trouble finding things to do in Northern Springs?
Here are some official streams from the author of the mod to help guide you through the worldspace:

Part 1

Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Part 6
Part 7
Part 8

Creation Kit Quest Creation Lessons:

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Discord Server

  • Incompatibility with Maxwell's World has been fixed.
  • No more (My stuff is your stuff amigo) bug from companions!
  • Optimizations everywhere
  • Snow is no longer squares and looks like snow
  • All notes are no longer placeholder
  • Over 20 toy collectibles which can be added into Toy Display Cases
  • A tribute to Stan Lee, Jill Janus and Brittney Slayes
  • A funny robot inspired by Hitchiker's Guide to the Galaxy
  • Wolf Vats has been fixed
  • That dumb quest given by Victor has been fixed
  • The samurai masks are no longer ridiculously overpriced
  • Northern Springs BoS soldiers don't enter the Prydwen anymore
  • Wall holes in the university are fixed
  • Duplicate bobbleheads are removed
  • Wolf howls are more natural now
  • Removed McCready toy from the radio station
  • Kassandra gives a quest (Even if she isn't voiced)
  • Cerina's voice is a work in progress

Profanity Warning: Nothing out of the Fallout universe norm, but there is a bit of it.
Upon loading the ESM, the option to visit Northern Springs will be at the very TOP LEFT corner of the map.
It is not required by the main quest to explore.

If you choose to play through the main quest, look for Quinton Grant standing by a Telephone Pole in Thicket Excavations.
But If you choose not to go through the main quests, one of the main characters will be hostile! But that choice is for the player to make!

Everything has been meticulously place. An unimaginable amount of time & work has been put into this mod. Lot of playtesting went on, so I hope all the quests work. The mod was worked on nearly every single day for almost 2 years. And will continue to be worked on as time goes on.

This isn't an addition inside of the Commonwealth. Although it does include quests and other things that work with the Commonwealth. It's a new location that expands adventure elsewhere to make the Commonwealth exploration experience much more vast.

Here's what to expect:

OVER 30 Quests
(And Radiant Quests also work)

4 jobs to choose from. That including:

Cage Fighter
Deathclaw Hunter
Book Collector
Bounty Hunter

4 new followers (As of now)
Fully functional, and voiced.
(The Vault-Tec Rep is an unlockable Companion)

3 settlements to find and build your own settlements:

Waker's Creek
Helen's Farm 
Weskan Farm

2 Playerhomes

TONS of new locations
And random ghost spotting

New Weapons and Armor
New ruthless enemies to encounter with many quests to unlock.

This DLC Mod is fully modular as it's an ESM just like any other Bethesda releases.

As of now: The Main protagonist isn't voiced.

There are a few craftable objects, but the main focus is that this is a new worldspace with new quests and locations.
One of the craftable objects is the terminals which can be built anywhere in any Worldspace, and logs your personal Northern Springs data.

Enhanced Lights and Effects - (Instant CTD, this can't be fixed)

The Discord is now open to the public: https://discord.gg/8SeyNYG

Click here to visit the Northern Springs Website


jshrapnelc: Worldspace & Level Design
jshrapnelc: Scripting
jshrapnelc: Nav-Meshing
jshrapnelc: Textures
jshrapnelc: Music
jshrapnelc: Meshes
jshrapnelc: Voice Acting 
jshrapnelc: Promotion

Voice Actors:

Nilza Cruz (Family)
Carlos Griego (Family)
CompleteTheCircuit (Twitter / Casting Call Club)
Ian Scott
Johnathan Daniel GodBolt
Sandra Otero (Family)
Dymari Gonzalez (Family)
Andrew Gonzalez (Family)
Miguel Orozco
Jessica Elliot
Savage Platypus

Other Credits:
Cat (Straycat) - Sanatogan Library Room
Neeher (Again as beta tester, Creation Kit Help, and Moderator)
Jimmiek Rankin (Hand of Thanatos Mesh)
CDante (Scripting help)
RevOverDrive (Website Hosting)
Mike Franchina (Cthulhu Painting)

If you're ever hungry and in need of a break from all the fighting, stop by the restaurant for a chill out vibe and sit down service.
Choose from a variety of foods all served to restore your health and make you happy.

The Vault-Tec Guy? HIM? YES THAT GUY. He's over 200 years old and he wants payback.

NS is ENORMOUS. Who knows what you may find out there. And it's probably out there to kill you!

I repeat: NS is ENORMOUS. Can you find all the 50+ Map Markers?

Survival of the fittest. Northern Springs is HARD. Expect to be at around a 40+ Level range to hold your own over there! You'll be pitted up against ruthless hordes of Feral Ghouls and punishing hailstorms of bullets! Even freezing giant Mirelurks!

Support the project's Patreon at www.patreon.com/northernsprings

And Facebook: www.facebook.com/northernspringsmod


  • Snow goes through ceilings. That's because Fallout 4 doesn't have any snow occlusion.
  • The Dead Prostitute Quest can sometimes can be faulty.
  • Some of the skeleton bones and other havok objects in some cells fall through the floors and ceilings.
  • Triggers can sometimes misfire, causing some issues. Especially with hostile NPCs.
  • Jared Fitch normally works fine, but can get stuck against walls.
  • Blaze freezes sometimes when he transfers from quest giver to companion. If he does this, reload a save and see if he doesn't.
  • When fighting in the arena, be careful with your weapons. It always takes away one of them. I've tried countless times coming up with a solution for this, but it happened every single time. I suggest putting your weapons in another container before stepping into the arena. 
  • As a Cage fighter: Also, if you have companions, leave them outside, they always get in the way.

Musical Credits:
Funding the time and dedication to the project you can help by purchasing any of the in game music created for this DLC or support the patreon for future projects:

Official Soundtrack. Composed and Recorded by jshrapnelc/Hermetik/Heart Impaled

Cryogenic Dreams 03:01
Focus Energy Condensed 02:33
Blades & Cuts 04:42
In the Shadow Beneath The Gates (Thanatos Hill Version) 02:08
Annihilate The Industry 02:51
Triggerhappy 03:10
The Encounter 01:56
Blood for Blood (Chimera's Appearance) 03:21
Chimes of Doom 03:43
Punishment Will Come 01:24
Nuclear Harrow 06:03
Sorceror on the Hill 03:10
Dungeon 3rd (Caves) 04:31
Appearance of The Three Storms 02:43
Go With God 04:15
The Mad Ghoul 01:54
Gathering of the Cowards 03:03
Meltdown of Broken Faith 03:48
Rebuilding the Afterworld 03:57

Hermetik (jshrapnelc)
1. The Divine Stress (Hermetik)
2. Geniuses Are Often Alone (Hermetik)
3. Panzer Division Spectre (Hermetik)
4. Grooving Dystopia (Hermetik)
5. Images with a Heartbeat (Hermetik)
6. The Last Chance (Hermetik)

NESMetal (Johnathan Daniel GodBolt)
1. Asleep in the Arms of Motion (NESMetal)
2. Face of Resentment (NESMetal)
3. The Forger (NESMetal)
4. Rest in Dreams (NESMetal)
5. The Watchfire  (NESMetal)

1. Untitled

Heart Impaled (jshrapnelc)
1. Where Eagles Dare (Iron Maiden Cover)
2. Head Like a Hole (Nine Inch Nails Cover)
3. Virus (KMFDM Cover)
4. The Game (Motorhead Cover)
6. The Power (Manowar Cover)
7. Buster (Heart Impaled)
8. Kamikaze War Machines (Heart Impaled)
7. Dreams of the Bulls (Heart Impaled)
8. Voracious Universe (Heart Impaled)
9. Harbinger's Eye (Heart Impaled)
10. Hammers of the Astaroth (Heart Impaled)
11. Intimacy of the Desolate (Heart Impaled)
12. Virtual Paradise (Heart Impaled)

My Creation Kit Tutorials:

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