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This mod adds two buttons "Trigger attack on this settlement" and "Disable attack on this settlement".

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This mod adds two buttons "Trigger attack on this settlement" and "Disable attack on this settlement". Buttons can be found in Special category.

Button "Disable attack on this settlement" disable WorkshopXXAttackNN quests on this settlement by setting a property "AllowAttacks" of workshop. Pressing button switches allow/disallow attacks on this settlement (AllowAttacks=True/AllowAttacks=False). You still receive radiant quests from settlers, Preston Garvey or Radio Freedom (MinRecruitNN, MinRadiantOwnedNN quests).

Yellow button - busy,
red button - settlement in danger - attacks allowed (AllowAttacks=True),
green button - settlement in safety - attacks disallowed (AllowAttacks=False).

After changing the settings you can scrap "Disable attack" button. The settings are stored.

Pressing "Trigger attack on this settlement" button trigger attack on settlement. Attack can be triggered on unpopulated or populated settlement. "Trigger Attack" button ignore all conditions/capers/reducers, including settings from "Disable attack" button. Just start attack (if attack not blocked by other quest).

Gray button - idle,
yellow button - busy,
red button - failure,
green button - success.

If button yellow, then red - press button again.
If button red immediately - no press button again, attack not start, go other settlement. Trigger attack on this settlement blocked by other quest or previous attack. After triggered attack leave this settlement for 24 hours, then go back and try again.

ESL version available in the optional files

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