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Extend the vanilla raider experience with hostile raider gang NPCs, small groups of tribal survivors, and named raider bosses to liven up various areas around the Commonwealth.

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  • French
"Commonwealth "gangs"... well, most of 'em don't even qualify."
-Porter Gage

Why is this Mod Needed?

The vanilla raiders in Fallout 4 are strangely unified from our perspective as the sole survivor. This mod aims to break up some of that odd feeling while maximizing compatibility with the rest of the commonwealth and your own mod list. 

What does it add?

  • Many new groups of competing raider gangs and NPCs just trying to survive.

  • 30+ named raider and survivor bosses at existing raider camps, outposts, and vantage points around the Commonwealth.

  • Danger! Some areas that were relatively safe to pass through are now much more lawless. The Fens, South Boston, Cambridge, the North End, East Boston, and certain outposts now have more of a distinct identity.

Is this Mod Lore-Friendly?

Each new raider gang's identity and location was carefully designed to be lore friendly (or at least lore compatible) and to fit in the part of the map in which you will find them. Some existing gangs and minor factions have loose trade agreements with these new npcs (everybody has to get their chems from somewhere).

Just because Preston says you are the General doesn't mean that every former member of the Minutemen will see it that way. 

Many small groups of tribal NPCs would rather be left out of the larger conflicts between the BOS, Institute, Minutemen, and Railroad. These groups may be even be relatively peaceful, but still won't appreciate new scavs on their turf.

There are occasional additions that are less lore-based, but still fit within the spirit of the apocalyptic world of Fallout.


This mod is designed to be compatible with most raider, weapon, gameplay, and even faction overhauls. It does not edit existing leveled lists and was balanced to add initial difficulty while being highly rewarding with both experience and loot.

This mod may not always receive leveled list changes from other mods as some of the new NPCs use existing LLs and some use tailored items I placed in their inventory.

If you're unsure if there is a compatibility issue just try placing this mod lower in your load order.

As this mod places additional NPCs in the worldspace, you may experience dips in performance in intensive areas if you have mods that do something similar (Vertical Spawns, NPCs Travel, War of the Commonwealth etc).

It has been brought to my attention that there may be some compatibility concerns regarding dlc Previs or Precombines. I use Boston FPS Fix in my game and recommend it be installed and placed lower in your load order than RGE if you are experiencing issues. 

I use the Unofficial Fallout 4 Patch in my game and RGE should load after it. I know not everyone uses the unofficial patches, but I highly recommend doing so for the best experience with this mod and with Fallout 4 overall.

The updated version of RGE (0.81) was made using Creation Kit for the latest version of Fallout 4. If you are using a version of Fallout 4 that predates (December 2019) you may want to try Raider Gangs Extended 0.8 found in the Old Files section.

Starting a new game is recommended for the best experience with this mod. It shouldn't break anything if you decide to activate this file mid-play through, but you may have hostile NPCs in places you don't want them (including a couple of settlements).

Future Development

I will be adding some balance and performance changes as I update the mod. I plan on keeping this mod fairly light so as to maximize compatibility and performance. I maintain a fairly heavy mod list across different play throughs and so keeping this file compatible is a must.
I will probably nerf the experience from the more common enemy types as I have found myself leveling a bit too quick in my own testing.

I am considering the current version of this mod to be in an early state. There are some issues I wish to iron out (performance in a certain Vault related to the main quest for example), but I do have a lot of fun with this mod in my load order and thought I would share it with the community in the meantime. I do plan on adding additional gangs for the eventual 1.0 release.

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