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Most realistic damage overhaul you'll find on the whole nexus. Promised.
Features: Scripted headshots, scripted dismemberment, bleedings, stagger ,stab your enemies from behind, Shotgun knockback and more! Balanced melee and range combat. Settings holotape available to tweak features to your liking or completely disable them!

Permissions and credits
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Overhauls Fallout 4s combat completely in a new crispy and intense way.
Headshots are scripted and helmets can also prevent headshots. 
If you can score a lethal headshot, depends on the weapon. A 10mm weapon will work vs a human, but not vs a super mutant. You'll need a .308 to deal a lethal headshot to a super mutant. For a Yao guai you'll require a .50 cal to deal a lethal headshot. Deathclaws, Behemoths etc. are immun to headshots. 
The health of NPCs has been adjusted to prevent bullet sponges.
Equipment is what matters. Weapons/Modifications have been overhauled and you are now able to play a raider style character with pipe weapons only. All weapons are lethal. Getting a good balanced armor rating is key to survive as health does no longer scale with level. Use tactics and plan your actions, when breaching rooms and areas.
Many new features, like stagger, bleedings, stealth killmoves and more wait to be used!

(Features are toggleable in the holotape. )

Scripted headshots
Headshots are now scripted and thus this mod requires F4SE. The damage doesnt matter anymore in order to deal a lethal headshot. The caliber is what matters. A human can be headshotted with all calibers, except they wear helmets. Helmets may prevent headshots(can also be toggled off), if you are using a low caliber(.38, 10mm, .45). Higher calibers like .308 will penetrate the helmet and will deliver a lethal blow. A short list of enemies and calibers:

Low Races: Bloatfly, Bloodbug, Stingwing, Humans(without helmet), Ghouls (does not include glowing), Radstags, Dogs, 
(calibers for headshotting: All, includes lasers/plasma. )
Medium Races: Super Mutant, Mutant Hound, Brahmin, Mirelurk(crabs), glowing ghouls, Humans that are protected with helmets(plastic masks or sacks do not count as helmet)
(Lasers can't headshot medium races. Calibers for headshotting: .308, .44(close range only), .50, Gauss, 45-70, Harpune  )
High Races: Yao guai, scorpions, fog crawler, gulper, angler
(calibers for headshotting: .50, harpune)
Non grouped races can not be headshotted: Deathclaw, Synths, Behemoths other boss like enemies are immun to headshots and need to be killed with explosives and/or tactics.

#Bleedings (+ Widget but requires HUDFramework) 
Bandages have been added to treat your wounds. Can be found from raiders, gunners, containers that contain first aid and be bought at the doctor. In addition to that, they can be crafted at the chem station.
3 Types of bleeding: Small, Medium, Large. Getting hit from close with a shotgun will cause a large wound(also a huge stagger if enabled), while getting hit with an 5.56, .38 etc it will only cause a small to medium bleeding. Bleedings stack and can cause death. Not all races can bleed, for example synths and robots in general.
You can use HUDFramework and enable a bleeding widget that tells you, when you are bleeding.(optional)

#Stagger on hit
Not all races can be staggered, only low and medium races. Med-X will also make you immun to stagger.

#Shotgun knockback
Allows you to knock off low races from their feet at close range. (Can be toggled and tweaked)

#Stab and Break (Stealth finishing moves)
Finishing moves can be executed with knifes and even rifles. They are also useable when detected. You have to stay behind your target.
If you are usig a knife and you bringt your opponnent down to 30% health, you can stab him from the front. Attacking an blocking enemy and having more than 80 actions points allows you to break his defense, while he is staggered from the attack he just blocked.

Allows you to shoot of limbs with laser weapons and shotguns.

#Cut off human limbs with power attacks (sharp long weapons only)

#Action points drain on melee attacks
Will be enhanced in future updates. Action points will effect attack speed and damage dealt.

#Tweakable EXP
Leveling too fast? Slow it down by tweaking the EXP you earn. Allows you also to turn EXP off. 

Tweakable damage taken
Taking too much damage? Dying at every corner? Reduce the damage you take ingame, to make life more pleasant.

#Auto save
Forgot to save? No more! When enabled, your game gets automatically saved after a tweakable period of time and only when you are out of combat.


Showcase of the Stab & Break feature

# Outdated videos below #


Player Scaling

Health does no longer scale with endurance. You will start with 180 HP and Endurance will increase your HP 5 Health per point. This can only be increased with Food, Chems or Perks.
This change was made to prevent an extremely high health pool at high levels. After a certain level the player became stronger than a deathclaw. The most important factor for you now is armor, to keep you protected.

#NPC Scaling
In vanilla Fallout 4 you will meet raiders that have an lower HP than a radroach. This has been fixed!
Every race humans, ghouls, super mutants etc... have their own health pool. You will feel, that you fight a human or super mutant.
This also get rid of bullet sponges, that just won't die, no matter what you throw at them.

Small enemies(Roaches, Bloatflys, Dogs etc.)
Small enemies don't have much health and not that hard to get rid of.
If it's small it shouldn't give you a hard time

Humans & Synths
Humans will now behave like humans. A shot to the head is deadly. Damage to arms and legs, will wound them but less likely kill them. Humans have their own HP Pool. They will need several shots to the chest to bring them down. (Remember, you can cripple them now and break their arms and legs)

Synths behave like humans, but they don't really have a weak spot. They are harder to kill than humans.

Super Mutants
Super Mutants are now physically superior to humans. They can take much more than a human. Their health pool is much higher than humans. You really want to use rifles / explosives to take them out. A big group of super mutants will give you a lot of trouble, as they should. They are much more resistant. You don't want a fist fight with a super mutant...

Mirelurks, Scorpions etc.
They can give you trouble, but with the right weapons, you can take them out quick, before they overwhelm you. Aim for their weakspots!

# Large Creatures (Deathclaws, Behemoths, Mirelurk Queens etc.)
You really want to bring some good weapons here, otherwise just run away.

# Adjustments of damage increases from external sources
- Some external sources, that increase damage done have been reduced / do now only increase melee damage. Those changes are required to make things balanced.
- Psycho does now only increase melee damage.
- Strongsperk does only affect melee damage.
- Sneak attacks have been disabled (reduced to x1.0) to avoid one shotting a whole army with a pistol.

#Limb Damage
Cripple your enemies now more easily! Immobilize your enemies and execute them! Shotguns will deal devastating limb damage from close range. 
You can now disember ghouls and make them crawl before your feets. Shoot off their arms and legs without killing them.

- Because of all changes made, all weapons had to be rebalanced. Every weapon can be deadly. Even pipe weapons.
- Want to play Madmax and only use pipe weapons? You can do it!
- Why did autmatic weapons deal much less damage than non-automatic weapons? This has been also fixed!
- Weapons now differ more from each other than ever before.
- Pistols are as deadly as every other rifle weapon. If you want to play only with pistols, you can do that now!
- Automatic Rifles have now a good mid range but they are less attractiv for sniping as they should. (You can still do that if you want)
- A hunting rifle is a bolt action rifle and has a superior range and is the best choice for sniping. It has a superior one shot damage compared to other vanilla rifles.
- Shotgun is now a really good weapon for close combat.
- Minigun now actually does damage.

# Custom weapons
I have a selection of my favorite custom weapons, made by the community. They match their real life counterpart & have been balanced specially for this mod! There are no bad weapons! Every weapon has its own character.
Weapons differ in:
Firerate - Damage - Recoil - Reloadspeed - Scope handling

All those weapons will be added to the leveled lists and are distributed where it makes sense. Raiders won't have a M16 but instead they have AK's, R91's. Gunners have more military loot, like a mk14 EBR, M16, USP.45, G3 etc... 
Some of the weapons can be bought at a shop, some are only lootable.

# Currently Covered

#Leveled Lists (strongly recommended but optional)
Leveled lists have been adjusted for a better gameplay.
It covers:
- Equipment rebalanced that NPCs wear
(Equipment that NPCs wear now varies much more and always ranges from low to high. Important for balance of this mod)
- Unlocks all weapons at level 5 (All weapons have been balanced. You can play with whatever weapon you want!)
- Unlocks all enemies at level 5 (Levels do not matter, all NPCs are balanced for all levels. Thanks to the new NPC scaling.)
- Bandages are added to the leveled lists (important when Bleedings are activated. Can also be added with Pip-Boy under Gameplay.)

Loot & Vendors
- Better distributed loot. Good things are rare
- Less ammo / chems / first aid
- More varied weapon spawns (Your enemies may have modified weapons too)
- Containers can be empty (Ammo, Medkits. If you need stuff, you maybe want to visit a vendor and buy stuff with your caps.)

- More varied NPC spawns, that differ in strength. (thanks to NPC Scaling they are all in line to their races nature)
- Raiders have no longer access to combat armor, they stick to their leather & metal as they should.
- Raiders also rarely have "good" weapons. They mainly use pipe weapons.(Don't think, that this will make it easier for you...)
- Foods and drinks NPCs carry have been overhauled. In addition to that, they now also sometimes carry forks, spoons and knifes, depending on their food they carry.
- NPCs now carry more miscellaneous stuff and add personality:
In example, raiders may carry cigarettes and a lighter. A toothbrush and paste. Pencils and paper. And much more...

#Better Perks                       # This is listed as optional, but it's still required #
Better Perks overhauls the vanilla perks, so that they play nicely with Better Locational Damage, as vanilla perks break the game at some point.

Perception Perks  
-Rifleman has it's damage reduced from 20/40/60/80/100 to 3/6/9/12/15
-Rank 1 adds a chance to stagger the enemy.

Strength Perks 
-Heavy Gunner - has it's damage reduced from 20/40/60/80/100 to 3/6/9/12/15

-Iron First - has it's damage reduced from 20/40/60/80/100 to 10/20/30/40/50 

Agility Perks 
-Commando - has it's damage reduced from 20/40/60/80/100 to 3/6/9/12/15

-Gunslinger - has it's damage reduced from 20/40/60/80/100 to 3/6/9/12/15 

-Mister Sandman - sneak attack damage has been reduced from 15/30/50 to 5/15/25 
-Ninja - Sneak attack multiplier reduced from 0.5/1.0/1.5 to 0.25/0.5/1.0 

#Better Chems
Better Chems is an optional ESP that increases the duration of various chems to a much higher duration. 15/30/60 Minutes. Now chems act like a real buff and are worth to consume and to risk addiction. (This does only change the duration! NOTHING MORE) 

## Affected Chems 
Buffout - 60 Minutes 
Bufftats - 30 Minutes 
Calmex - 30 Minutes 
Daddy-O - 60 Minutes 
Day Tripper - 60 Minutes 
Fury - 15 Minutes 
Med-X - Tooltip Fix (The tool tip was wrong, i had to fix it!) 
Mentats (all kinds) - 15 Minutes 
X-Cell - 15 Minutes 

#Better Vats
Removes the slow time effect and damage reduction gained on activation.

#Compatibility Patches included
Raider Overhaul by MadMAX713
MikeMoore's MCAM - Melee Collectable and Adventure Mod by MikeMoore(Included in the Custom weapon patch)

#Better Locational Damage Patch Repository

It's recommended that you start a new game with this mod.

If you install this on a existing savegame.

You may want to do a cell reset(see sticky on how to do that), to refresh zones & your enemies.

Load Order examples:
Other Mods.esp
Better Locational Damage.esp
Better Leveled Lists.esp
Better Locational Damage - DLCs.esps
Better Locational Damage - Valdacil's Item Sorting - Patch.esp
Other BLD Misc Mods.esps (Better Cooking, Better Chems etc.)

Other Mods.esp
Better Locational Damage.esp
Better Leveled Lists.esp
Better Locational Damage - DLCs.esps
Better Weapons - Patch.esp
Better Leveled Lists - Items - CW Edition.esp 
Better Locational Damage - Valdacil's Item Sorting - Patch - CW.esp
Other BLD Misc Mods.esps (Better Cooking, Better Chems etc.)

Other Mods.esp
Better Locational Damage.esp
Better Leveled Lists.esp
Better Locational Damage - DLCs.esps
Better Locational Damage_ Raider Overhaul_Patch.esp
Better Weapons - Patch.esp
Better Leveled Lists - Items - CW Edition.esp 
Better Locational Damage - Valdacil's Item Sorting - Patch - CW.esp
Other BLD Misc Mods.esps (Better Cooking, Better Chems etc.)

0. If you want to uninstall this mod, it's adivsed to revert to an old savegame. And skip everything else below.
1. Turn the System off in the holotape and wait till the uninstall message in the top left corner.
2. Remove everything related to this mod.
3. (optional but recommended) Cell reset.
4. Done

For the best experience, it's recommended to play on survival difficulty and install all recommended modules in the FOMod installer.

It will take Fallout 4 to a whole new level & experience in gameplay. The wasteland will be hard and unforgiving. Your good aim will be rewarded. Create tactics to breach raider filled areas. Be ready to die a lot. Always be aware of your surroundings.

If you really love to blow your way through the city, check out my other mod (which i also recommend):

Better Explosives
# Overhauls explosives in Fallout 4, make them differ from each other. 
# More BOOM! A grenade will now actually kill something. 
# Molotovs now burn enemies to death, instead of blowing them up to death.
# A fix for NPCs spamming grenades. 
# A perk overhaul. Optional removal of the Trajectory line, when taking demolition perk, for better immersion.)
# More fun with explosives.

Other mods that are highly recommended
FlaconOil's HD ReTexture Project in 4k 2k - Made from Scratch 
Hein84 Texture replacers


#Q: Does this mod effect the player too?
A: Nearly all features affect the player. Headshots and dismember not.

#Q: Does this mod affect all NPCs?
A: Yes, even your followers.

#Q: On which difficulty should i play with this mod?
A: You can play on vanilla survival. It will work fine.

#Q: Can i play with this mod on normal difficulty?
A: Yes you can. But survival is still recommended.

#Q: Why do my explosives deal no damage?
A: Because Bethesda handled them really bad. I tried to fix that with my other mod Better Explosives.
You can choose between 3 versions of damage. It's a must have for every explosive expert.
You can find a link above, in the "Recommendation" section.

#Q: I taking too much damage, how can i fix that? 
A: In FOMod, are tweaks for the damage you receive and deal. It's also possible to adjust the damage you receive with the settings holotape. Also make sure, you have the mod correctly installed. The starting value for the player health is 200. If your health is below that value without debuffs, then were is something wrong.

#Q: Does this mod work <immersive, realistic, whatever> weapon mod?
A: This mod contains its own weapon overhaul. So, no.

#Q: Does this mod work with mod <insert your favorite mod here>?
A: It's to you to find that out.

#Q: AW MAW GAWD so many esps for one mod? Do i need them all?
A: Yes and no. Try not to merge the main mod, do not touch it. It contains and handles of the scripts. Merge the DLC patches at your own risk. They do not contain any scripts, so it should be possible. Other small misc patches like no legendary enemies, no combat music, VATS can be merged without any issues. I'll not offer merged ESPs, as its too much work to maintain many different versions of this mod.