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Complete overhaul of gunshot sounds that covers all ranged weapons of Fallout 4 (player+NPC)

Permissions and credits
Please read the mod description before installing/using the mod!
Videos were recorded with the mod Reverb and Ambiance Overhaul installed

v2.0 all player sounds
(The unsuppressed Radium Rifle at 5:36 is playing the vanilla sound. This has been fixed in v2.2)

New/updated sounds since the v2.0 video above, including slow-mo (Jet) sounds

NPC sounds in Action

This mod replaces gunshot sounds for the player and NPCs with completely new and hand-crafted sounds compiled from various open sources (including vanilla sounds) that have been individually edited and mixed in Audacity by myself. It also includes several audio bug fixes, mainly ones that have to do with NPCs using incorrect sounds and suppressed weapons playing loud sounds in VATS/Jet slow-mo.

Highly recommendedReverb and Ambiance Overhaul by mm137
Commonwealth Explosion Overhaul by me!

v2.2 Added new separate NPC sounds for: 
- Pipe Pistol/Rifle 
- Assault Rifle +(suppressed)
- Combat Rifle +(suppressed)
- Lever Action Rifle +(suppressed)  
Added new and stronger Automatic Radium Rifle sound with more accurate RoF

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This mod Includes semi-auto & full-auto sounds and also normal & suppressed sounds for:
10mm pistol +new reload sounds
.44 revolver
All pipe weapons (pistol, rifle, bolt-action, revolver)
Combat shotgun +new reload sounds
Combat rifle +new reload sounds
Double barrel shotgun
Submachine gun
Assault rifle
Hunting rifle +new reload sounds
Gauss rifle
Railway rifle
Laser pistol/rifle
Laser musket
Plasma pistol/rifle
Plasma sniper/scattergun
Plasma Flamer
Missile launcher
Gatling laser
Alien Blaster
Lever action rifle
Radium rifle
Harpoon gun
Western revolver
Handmade rifle

NPC sounds that are covered in this mod (semi/auto + normal/suppressed):
PistolA (semi, auto, revolver share this same sound)
RifleA (pipe auto rifle)
RifleB (combat rifle)
RifleIstvan (assault rifle)
RifleGamma suppressed (Radium rifle) <--- new sounds added in, which were absent from Far Harbor DLC
Machine gun turret
Kellogg's revolver shot in Vault 111 scene no longer has the sound of shell casing hitting the floor

These NPC sounds encompass nearly all weapons in the game, except a few that already have decent audio like the Gamma Gun, etc.

New slow-mo (VATS killcams, Jet) player sounds for:  
Semi auto Laser 
Full auto Laser 
Semi auto Plasma 
PistolSmall (10mm, .38, Deliverer) 
RifleSmallSilenced* *(Assault, Combat, Pipe)  

Q: Does it change any reload/bullet flyby or explosion sounds shown in the 3rd video?
A: Aside from 4 new reload sounds (10mm, Combat Rifle/Shotgun, Hunting Rifle, Lever Action Rifle), it does not change anything else.

Q: I have tried many other mods that claim to change the NPC sounds, but they don't seem to work. Who's to say this one does?
A: That's one of the main reasons I decided to make this mod. The thing is, Bethesda left many unused NPC sound files in the game and sort of lazily assigned many several weapons to the same NPC sound file. I went through several Sound Descriptors in xEdit and identified all the NPC sounds that are actually used in the base game. Then, I assigned new, much more powerful sounds, as well as created brand new descriptors from scratch for weapons that used to share the same weak-ass sounds.

Q: Any ranged weapons that you haven't covered?
A: Yes. They are:
Gamma Gun
Junk Jet
Acid Soaker
Thirst Zapper
Tesla Rifle (Automatron)

But, I really don't think these sound too bad in vanilla so I probably won't touch them. Also, they're not very popular weapons to begin with. I also did not touch Automatron weapon sounds either.
As for the Fat Man, you can install my Commonwealth Explosion Overhaul mod that modifies all explosions in the game to be much more powerful.

Q: What requirements does this mod have? And why does it include an .esp plugin?
A: The mod requires both Far Harbor and Nuka World DLC by default. I uploaded optional DLC-free plugins in the misc. files section.
It has an .esp plugin because it is necessary to make several new sounds to work properly.
Also, this mod includes quite a few vanilla audio bug fixes that require the .esp file to work.

Q: What are the vanilla audio bug fixes implemented by the mod?
v1.2.1 - Suppressed Deliverer now plays (my new) quiet sounds when used by companion/NPC
v1.4  - Suppressed Radium Rifle now plays new quiet sounds which are absent in the base Far Harbor DLC (NPC/Player)
v1.5.1 - Suppressed Automatic Pipe Pistol/Rifle now plays sounds in proper stereo instead of mono when used by companion/NPC
v2.0.2 Pipe bolt action with .50 conversion now properly uses .50 firing sounds
v2.1 Suppressed Submachine Gun now uses proper sounds in slow-mo, instead of loud, unsuppressed VATS sound
v2.3 Suppressed Combat Shotgun now uses proper NPC sound instead of loud, unsuppressed sound
v2.4.1 Suppressed Automatic Combat Rifle now uses proper sounds in slow-mo, instead of loud, unsuppressed VATS sound
Misc. v1.0 Workaround for the Gauss Rifle charging sound that plays whenever your companion has been given the Tesla Rifle

Q: Can you convert the plugins to .esl?
A: All plugins are flagged as .esl in xEdit so they won't take up a slot in your 254 plugin limit. So, no I won't convert them.

Q: Is this mod compatible with the mod X?
A: Theoretically, yes, unless that mod modifies Sound Keyword Mapping and Sound Descriptor entries of:
- Deliverer
- Lever Action Rifle
- Radium Rifle
- Western Revolver
- Handmade Rifle (These 5 all have different .wav files assigned to their Sound Descriptors by my mod)
For use in combination with other sound mods, you could individually select which audio files to overwrite.

Q: Will this mod ever come to consoles?
A: No.
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