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This Mod makes armor and outfit of Commonwealth more various and colorful. Basically it retextures some vanilla outfit and adds various texture of them.
Also it adds various of Scarves, Ballistic Masks and Hats.
All items will be randomly appears on residents of Commonwealth.

Permissions and credits
MORE OUTFIT VARIATIONS v1.6 (Scarves, Ballistic Masks, Hats, Helmets and New Outfits)
VANILLA and AWKCR version available.

This Mod makes armor and outfit of Commonwealth more various and colorful. Basically it retextures some vanilla outfit and adds various texture of them. Also it adds in game various of Scarves and Ballistic Masks. Also this mod adds few new vanilla based outfit.
All items will be appears randomly on settlers, scavengers, raiders and gunners.
This mod don't changes armor balance and not unblock armor slots if it's not necessary or not logical. All new armor close to Vanilla stats.
This mod changes some armor slots: it makes free slot "neck" for bandanas and sack hoods to use them with scarves.
Also this mod makes free slot "neck" for dog collars and dog chain to use them for humans like bracelet without conflicts with scarves and bandanas.
So far it's no cost any problem. If you find some then report, please.

Update details:
v1.6 :  
1) Added ~10 new outfits.
2) fixed some issue with possible appearances of nude people.
3) rollback for Army and Military fatigues, now Army fatigues includes vanilla (olive) version and 3 new textures, military fatigues also have 3 new textures and  one retexture (very close to vanilla, but better) 
4) postman uniform now has separate uniform and postman's shoulder bag (with various of bags).
5) some unique clothes like Agatha's dress and Covert sweater vest and others now has unique texture differing from usual dress and sweater vest.

Before install v1.6 I recommend delete old version of this mod with your mod manager or manually to be sure there is no old files/directories left.

Extract files into your DATA folder.
Make sure you set this mod ON.

List of armor this mod changes and adds :

Army Helmets (+6 new textures)
Dirty Army Helmets (+6 new textures)
Army Fatigues (+3 new textures)
Dirty Army Fatigues (+3 new textures)
Military Fatigues (Retexture + 3 new textures)
Military Cap (+3 new textures)

Athletic Outfit (Retexture + 2 new textures)
Baseball Uniform (+1 new texture)
Baseball Cap (+1 new texture)
Green Shirt and Combat Boots (Retexture + 2 new textures)
Gunners Guard Outfit (Retexture + 2 new textures)
Gunners Leather (Retexture)
Gunner Harness (Retexture)
Flannel shirt (+2 new textures)
Minuteman Outfit (+2 new textures)
Padded Jacked (+1 new texture)
Patched Three-Piece Suit (+1 new texture)
Raiders Leather (+3 new textures)
Road Leather (+2 new textures)
Surveyor Outfit (+2 new textures)
Long Johnes (+2 new textures)
Undershirt and Jeans (+3 new textures, included Dirty for raiders)

Bandana (+4 new textures)
Faded Visor (+2 new textures)
Trilby Hat (+2 new textures)
Rag Hat (+1 new texture)

Flight helmet (+2 new textures)
Police Riot Helmet (+1 new texture Secutity Helmet)
Raiders Sack Hood (+6 new textures)

New clothing and armor:
Baseball Cap (8 variations)
Boonie Hat (8 variations)
Ballistic Mask (20 variations)
Scarf (28 variations)
Climber Outfit (new outfit, vanilla based)
Helmeted Drifter Armor (new outfit, vanilla based)
Wastelander Spike Armor  (new outfit, vanilla based)
Wastelander Cage Armor  (new outfit, vanilla based)
Vanilla based settlers outfit (+8 new outfit, vanilla based)

If you like this mod I also recomended you to install Eli's Armour Compendium 1.5 
and my compatibility patch to this mod Eli's Armour Compendium and More Outfit Variations PATCH 1.2 

------------->>>>>  CREDITS:  <<<<<-------------

ClayPigeon162 - original mesh of Ballistic Mask from his New Vegas mod

NCRranger5x - source mesh of Ballistic Mask from his F4 mod

Neiro - original mesh of Scarf from his F4 mod

rootkit101 - mesh of fisherman's hat without floats from his F4 mod

-=2RTR=- Somnus - source mesh of Baseball Cap from his F4 mod


This mod may conflict with other mods that changes the same outfit or leveled lists of them.

This mod has compatibility issues with Armorsmith Extended mod, because they differently rewrites some armor slots. This mod uses AWKCR's keywords and slots. So, to be compatible to AE mod it needs to be made AE compatibility patch, which I maybe will make sooner or later or you free to made your own patch. I just to busy now. Tnx.

When you remove/off this mod all new items including armor and outfit already dressed on your settlers will be disappeared from game, so those settlers can be find nude.