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About this mod

This mod adds a race that looks like an anime character. This race has several character customisation elements.These characters are very expressive because they have various facial expressions.

Permissions and credits
  • Mandarin
  • German

I'm not good at English.
I am with the help of Mr. Nagas17 to create this description.


Note: Please do not post pictures or videos in adult categories using any character(s) in this mod on Nexus.

Note: This MOD does not support male characters yet.

How to change the type of skin color added in v1.5

  • Usage for players
    - How to change to tanned skin.
      1. Type "setrace nana2" with nothing selected from the console.
      2. Save and exit the game.
      3. Restart the game and load the saved data of 2.
      4. Start character creation with "slm 14" from the console and change the face number. 

  - How to return to the default skin color
      1. Type "setrace" with nothing selected from the console
      2. Start character creation with "slm 14" from the console and change the face number.

  • Usage for NPC
      You will need to change the Race and Skin names of the NPC you want to change the skin color using FO4Edit.
      Change the Race and Skin names in the location of this image as follows. 

    nanaRace "Human" → nana2Race "Human"
       nanaNaked → nana2Naked
If you want to restore the default skin color, please restore the name.

      After that, please do character creation with slm xxxxx (NPC RefID) from the console.


  1. This mod adds a race that looks like an anime character.
  2. This race has several character customisation elements.
  3. You can use it for player or NPC.
  4. You can use most hairstyles including those added by the mod and equipments other than the head separately.
  5. These characters are very expressive because they have various facial expressions.

Why did you make this mod?

    When I first learned about Kasumi and heard her cute voice on the tape, I imagined that she was definitely a beautiful girl.
    I was absorbed in her and went to see her in a hurry.
    I was so excited that I even forgot that the game I was playing was made by Bethesda.

    I met Kasumi and I was devastated.
    At the same time, I realized that my ideal Kasumi could not exist in this world.
    I had to choose between quitting the game or creating my ideal Kasumi.  (I was utterly shocked)

    And I made up my mind to create my ideal Kasumi,
    so I started studying modelling and making character mod and spent a long time making this mod.
    The mod was born in this way so I would be glad if you enjoy this mod.

Installation Requirements

 Required mod
          -When you do character creation, you will be able to choose a lot of hair colours.

        - If this mod is not introduced, the head size of all humanoid race will be large.
        - Note: While RaceCustomizer is active, if a player tries to load saved data other than the anime Race (NanaRace) or PlayerRace, the game will crash.                      (There is no problem with new game.)
        - Prepare save data played in anime race (NanaRace) before using.

 Recommended mod
  • Hair Style
       Commonwealth Cuts - KS Hairdos - ApachiiSkyHair
       KS Hairdos - Addon(s) with Physics

       Sun's Hepsy Hairs with Physics
       Other hairstyle additions mod

        -You can make your character look cute even in dark places.
         In order to take advantage of this mod, you will need to be equipped with an item named "PHOTO LIGHT" which will be added during the game.

  • ENB
        - My mod looks more anime-ish if you use ENB.


  1. Deactivate RaceCustomizer.
  2. Select a character from the Anime race (NanaRace) from the console and enter "setrace human" to return it to the human race.
  3. Please delete the mod.

Load order

    Place "AnimeRace _ Nanako.esp" at the bottom-most of the order if possible.
    If you enable RaceCustomizer, be sure to load it below "RaceCustomizer.esp".

How to use

   This video explains the character creation.

   In the first half of the video, the character creation is introduced,
   and in the middle part, the colour customisation of eyebrows and eyelashes is introduced.

  • There are three types of character faces, and you can select one by changing the face number.
        -Type 1 : Cute face    01 ~ 03
        -Type 2 : Pretty face  04 ~ 06
        -Type 3 : Cool face    07 ~ 09
  •  For each face type, you can choose whether your eyebrows and eyelashes are synchronized with your hair colour.   
       - Face  01, 04, 07   The colour of eyebrows and eyelashes changes to match the hair colour.
       - Face  02, 05, 08   Only the eyebrows change to match the colour of the hair.
       - Face  03, 06, 09   The colour of eyebrows and eyelashes will not change.

  • About eye colour selection
         Use the eye colour that corresponds to the face number you selected.
       If you select an eye for another face number, it will look strange.

  • Usage for players
       Enter "slm 14" to create a character.
       When starting a new game, the first character creation, please select only the gender and finish the character creation.

       After that, enter "slm 14" from the console and do character creation.

  • Usage for NPC
       You need to create a patch with FO4Edit.
       Use this image as a guide to create an NPC patch for animerace.
       After that, please do character creation with "slm xxxxxx (NPC RefID)".


  • Can it be ported to the console version or VR version?
        I don't have a VR version or XBOX, so I can't support it.

  • What ENB do you use?
         This ENB works really well with anime-like character and it is very light performance wise. 
         I turned off the ENB's noise filter.

  • What does the mod name Nanakochan mean?
         This is based on a Japanese word 'nanashi' (In English, 'no name').
         At first, I wanted to make the mod with the intention of adding a character with a specific name.
         However, because it includes character creation element, it became mod about making an unnamed person, so I named it after that.

Known Issues

  • sometimes the player's eyelids can become twitchys
       - It stops when you open the pipboy or talk to someone.
  • In rare cases, character's facial expressions may not work. 
  • Some hairstyles look strange.
  • Head equipment (Glasses, hats, etc.) is misaligned.
  • When an effect such as poison is applied, character's face looks strange.

Trouble shooting

  • Unable to change the color of the eyes or skin
         To change the color of your eyes or skin, move the cursor to the item and press the "C" key.
         If you still cannot change the color, LooksMenu may not be working properly.
         For LooksMenu to work properly, you must use the F4SE and LooksMenu versions that are appropriate for your game version.
         Note that if the game itself is a Japanese version, it will not work with the latest version of LooksMenu or F4SE.

  • Characters are not displayed correctly, some parts are displayed in purple.
       This MOD does not support male characters, so it cannot be used for male characters.
       If it does not display correctly as a female character, the mod may not have been installed correctly.
       Using mod with Fallout 4 requires some setup. Please check that they are configured and installed correctly.

  • Head size of human type race is strange.
         Enabling RaceCustomizer restores the size of the head of a humanoid race.

  • Game crashes when trying to load save data.
         While RaceCustomizer is active, the game will crash if the player tries to load save data that is not an anime race.
         Please deactivate "RaceCustomizer.esp" once and load the game.

  • There are very few hairstyles you can choose with character creation.
         Make the "AnimeRace _ Nanako.esp" load order last.  

  • Character creation doesn't work correctly. The colour of the hair won't change.
         "LooksMenu" and "512 Standalone Hair Colors (1 ESP)" use "F4SE".
         Make sure that the version of F4SE you are using is compatible with the version of the game.
         With 'AnimeRace _ Nanako.esp' inactive, check that character creation works correctly with HumanRace.

  • Human type Race does not have a small head even when RaceCustomizer is properly installed
         If there is a MOD which changes the human type race after "RaceCustomizer.esp", the changes made by RaceCustomizer are ignored.
         You must move the "RaceCustomizer.esp" load order below the competing MODs or create a compatible patch.

  • The heads of some race remain large even when using RaceCustomizer.
        If there is a MOD which changes the human type race after 'RaceCustomizer.esp', the changes made by RaceCustomizer are ignored.
        You must move the 'RaceCustomizer.esp' load order below the competing MODs or create a compatible patch.

Tools Used

        It is a wonderful tool to create and output anime-like characters.
        My mod's characters and hair styles are based on the character output by this software.
        Without this software, the mod will never be completed.
  • Blender 2.79
  • Outfit Studio
  • Fo4Edit
  • Nifskope
  • GIMP2.10
  • paint.net
  • Material Editor
  • CubeMap Creator


  • Fallout箱庭DIY
         While there is very little information about the mod in Japanese,
         the site explained about custom race, skeletons, and materials in an easy-to-understand manner.
         Without the information on this site I could not complete this mod. Thank you very much!

  • @pipi_rossa
         Thanks to your help in the test play, I was able to make many improvements.
         And you provided a lot of screenshots for Author images. Thank you so much!

  • Derpsdale
         I have received permission to distribute an option file to make "512 Standalone Hair Colours (1 ESP)" compatible with the anime race.
         Thank you!

-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------                                                                    The rest is explained in Japanese.




    ①コンソールから何も選択していない状態で、"setrace nana2"と入力する
    ④コンソールから"slm 14"でキャラクリを開始して顔番号を変更してください。

    ②コンソールから"slm 14"でキャラクリを開始して顔番号を変更してください。

    nanaRace "Human" → nana2Race "Human"
       nanaNaked → nana2Naked

      その後コンソールからslm xxxxxx(NPCのRefID)でキャラクリを行ってください。


  1. このMODはアニメのような見た目の種族を追加します。
  2. この種族はいくつかのキャラクリ要素を持っています。
  3. プレイヤーやNPCとして使用することが出来ます。
  4. MODで追加されたものを含めて殆どの髪型や、頭部以外の装備をそのまま使用出来ます。
  5. このキャラクター達は様々な表情をすることが出来るのでとても生き生きとしています。








              ゲームがクラ ッシュします。(ニューゲームの場合は問題ありません)     

  • 髪型追加MOD
       Commonwealth Cuts - KS Hairdos - ApachiiSkyHair
       KS Hairdos - Addon(s) with Physics
       Sun's Hepsy Hairs with Physics

        このMODの効果を得るためには、ゲーム中に追加される"Photo Light"という名前のアイテムを装備する必要があります。

  • ENB


  1. RaceCustomizerを非アクティブ状態にします。
  2. コンソールからアニメ種族(NanaRace)のキャラクターを選択して、"setrace human"と入力し、人間種族に戻します。
  3. 私のMODを削除してください。






  • キャラメイク用の顔は3つのタイプがあり、顔Noを変えることにより選択できます。
        -タイプ①  可愛い     顔番号 01~03
        -タイプ②  優しい     顔番号 04~06
        -タイプ③  クール     顔番号 07~09

  • それぞれの顔タイプはまゆ毛とまつ毛が髪の色に合わせて変化するかを選択できます。
        -顔番号  01,04,07  まゆ毛、まつ毛の色は髪の色に合わせて変化します。
        -顔番号  02,05,08  まゆ毛のみ、髪の色に合わせて変化します。
        -顔番号  03,06,09  まゆ毛、まつ毛の色は変化しません。

  • 目の色の選択について

  • プレイヤーの場合
        コンソールから"slm 14"と入力しキャラクリを行ってください。

     そのあとコンソールから"slm 14"と入力してキャラクリを行ってください。

  • NPCの場合
     その後"slm xxxxxx(NPCのRefID)"でキャラクリを行ってください。


  • コンソール版やVR版への対応は?

  • ENBは何を使用していますか?


  • MODの名前はどうしてNanakochan?


  • 偶にプレイヤーのまぶたが細かく動いていることがある
  • 稀にキャラクターの表情が機能しないことがある
  • 一部の髪型の表示がおかしい
  • 頭装備(眼鏡や帽子など)の位置がズレている
  • 毒などのエフェクトを受けた時の顔の表示がおかしい


  • 目の色や肌の色を変えることが出来ない

  • キャラクターが正しく表示されない、一部が紫に表示される

  • 人型種族の頭の大きさがおかしい

  • セーブデータをロードしようとするとゲームがクラッシュする

  • 選択できる髪型がとても少ない

  • キャラクリが正しく行えない、選択できる髪の色が増えていない
        "LooksMenu"と"512 Standalone Hair Colors (1 ESP)"は、"F4SE"を使用します。

  • RaceCustomizerを正しく入れてもHumanタイプのRaceの頭が小さくならない場合

  • RaceCustomizerを入れても一部の種族の頭が大きいままの場合
        MODにより追加された種族がある場合は、必要に応じてRaceCustomizerのOptional filesを使用してください。
        もし追加された種族がRaceCustomizerのOptional filesで対応されていない場合、



  • Blender 2.79
  • Outfit Studio
  • Nifskope
  • GIMP2.10
  • paint.net
  • Material Editor
  • CubeMap Creator


  • Fallout箱庭DIY様

  • @pipi_rossa
         そしてAuthor images用に沢山のスクリーンショットを提供していただきました。どうもありがとう!

  • Derpsdale
        512 Standalone Hair Colors (1 ESP)をアニメ種族対応させるためのオプションファイルを配布する許可を頂きました。