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A looks menu preset that just adds the vanilla dyed red hair to the default AnimeRace Nanakochan hairdo to make your character reminiscent of Pyra from the game Xenoblade Chronicles 2 for the Nintendo Switch

Permissions and credits
I do not own the rights to the intellectual property being parodied, all rights belong to Monolith Soft inc. and Nintendo®

I mainly did this all to beg for a cbbe armor and weapon mod to match my preset, maybe even her swimsuit. You can achieve the same thing by just visiting the barber in diamond city with a nanarace player, the only benefit is you can start with the vanilla dyed red hair.

How to patch your character (installation)
  1. Backup the save files you want to keep safe (Not that anything should go wrong its just always good to keep backups.)
  2. Use the preset in the Looksmenu using the console command slm 14 or start a new game to gain access to the menu.
  3. Don't mind your missing face texture; we will fix that in the next step. Save the game and exit.
  4. Open FO4FaceRipper.exe and use the packaged .fos Fallout 4 save file as the source to patch the save file you are going to use (your target).

As long as you have AnimeRace Nanakochan installed everything should have worked properly.

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