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Added: 17/06/2016 - 12:03AM
Updated: 06/09/2017 - 12:38AM

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No, the freakish faces are not included in the mod. This mod will obviously conflict with other mods that... does the same thing as this.

Load Order:
  • Fallout4.esm
  • All DLCs
  • All other mods 
  • RaceCustomizer.esp
  • RaceCustomizer - Patches
  • RaceCustomizer - Plugins

NOTE: Any race mods that are independant from this mod, but used only for NPCs and do not use custom skeletons will cause problems.
Simple fix would be: Loading the race mod into the CK and redirecting the custom races' skeletons to use "\CharacterAssets\NPC\skeleton.nif".

There is a technical issue with Fallout 4 where if you have a custom skeleton and you use it for the Player Race, it will crash the game. UNLESS it is specifically in "Actors\Character\CharacterAssets\skeleton.nif". And yes, it has to be named skeleton.nif. Meaning that every time you want to use a custom skeleton, it'll need to use the default name and thus will affect ALL NPCs.

With this plugin, it separates the Player and NPC race so that any custom skeleton and other modifications can be used for the player no problem and it will NOT affect NPCs. This mod has been tested and is fully functional. It will work with NPC Appearance Replacers, Character Sculpting, newly created NPCs will still work as intended. The Player will now use a separate race called 'PlayerRace' so that it will not cause conflict with other mods or new NPC mods.

Other humanoid races like Synths, Ghouls and Children are also redirected to use the skeleton in a different file-path. So if you wish to change the NPC skeleton, simply go into "Actors\Character\CharacterAssets\NPC\" and you'll find the skeletons there.

Also included an .esp version. Because why not.

(8/7/2016): Found out that there are certain problems using a custom skeleton when equipping Power Armor. If you have a custom Head Bone, and it's not present in the Power Armor Skeleton, it's going to create floating heads (at least if you don't have a PA Helmet). For now, you'll have to deal with skeletal fittings not working with power armors.

(8/17/2016): Thanks to FancyPants for providing ReHumanizer! A plugin which allows you to revert back to the HumanRace after playing a custom Race. To use this, you'll need to:
  • Disable the Custom Player Race plugin
  • Enable ReHumanizer
  • Go in-game and set your character
  • Exit the game
  • Disable ReHumanizer

  • FancyPants (For providing Power Armor skeleton and ReHumanizer)
  • Bethesda (For making custom races hard as hell to figure out)

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