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A port of hairstyles made by Hepsy for Oblivion. Now with physics enabled for applicable hairs.

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Hello everyone! I'm back again bringing you another mod to make Fallout 4 more interesting!
**As always please don't donate to me. I make bank as a single nurse. On second thought, if you have the desire to donate to me, please consider donating to an animal shelter instead because I love animals.


This is a conversion of the Hepsy Hairs pack from Oblivion made by Hepsy. This pack DOES NOT include some of the hair styles that where in the original mod. Many of the hairs I thought were too similar to even bother to convert. More so, I excluded the male hairs as I am not interested in that. (No afro either because I don't like them.) Physics has been added to applicable hairstyles thanks to the advice of JTesmer.

There are currently 46 hairs to choose from (look at images). 43 of these hairs are from Hepsy Hair mod and 3 of these hairs is an original creation by me. The name of the hairs are as follows:

Hepsy 01-43
Sun's Bonus
Sun's Nier 2B
Sun's Tengu Hair--> will need extra hair part that can be added through console. It is called "Tengu Scalp"


Simply just install with NMM or MO.

You can also install manually by merging my data folder into your data folder and making sure the esp is also placed in the Fallout 4 folder.

How To Use

To use in game, type in console: "slm 14" without the quotes to get into the character edit menu. From there, choose your hair and look for hairstyles that are named Hepsy 01-43 and/or Sun's Bonus, Sun's Nier 2B, Sun's Tengu Hair. In my own game, the hairs are all spread out and weren't grouped together nicely. If it does the same for you then sorry about that and I have no idea how to make it so that the hairs are grouped in numerical order together.


None, except that Hepsy 32 doesn't have physics because I couldn't get it to work 

Hepsy for letting me use her meshes for Fallout 4.
Myself for finally figuring out how to make new textures that can work with these hairs and enable the hair coloring
Bethesda for the Creation Kit
JTesmer for the very useful advice on how to apply physics