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Replaces all adult, human NPC Races with Nanakochan-Race.
You can choose between having all females, all males or literally every character replaced with Nanakochan.

Permissions and credits
AnimeRace Nanakochan NPC-Replacer

Replaces all adult, human NPC Races (female, male or all) with Nanakochan-Race.
Keep in mind that this keeps the default hairstyles of NPCs.

Animerace Nanakochan (Obviously)

Load Order:
Try placing this mod as low in your load order as you can. Be aware that this can potentially break some other mods though.

Known Bugs:
-  In the (atrocious and horrible) Intro of the game the Waking-Up Scene in which Shaun get's kidnipped won't properly play and you'll not be able to continue in the Game. For now I recommend using a mod like Another Life or similar to skip the intro.

Known Incompabilities:
Any mod that changes any of the aspects of default characters, such as the faces, hair, bodies, etc. will overwrite changes made by this mod and vice versa.
If you experience some characters not being replaced, try placing this mod as low in the load order as you can.
WARNING: This will undo any change made by the mods overwritten and might break some stuff down the road.
For example, if you use the Better Settlers mod with clean faces, Jun Long and Marcy Long won't be replaced. The changes made by the pack are so irrelevant though, especially in the context of this mod, that it really doesn't affect anything.

No special steps necessary, just install the new version and delete the old.