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hiyokomod and guicool

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A patch for the popular AnimeRace Nanakochan by hiyokomod, but with a bit more detail. Now with Bodyslide support.

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´╗┐´╗┐AnimeRace Nanakochan CBBE Bodyslide Patch


Hello there.

You probably like being an anime girl in Fallout 4 thanks to the 'AnimeRace Nanakochan' mod by hiyokomod, right? But what if you use the mega popular CBBE body mod? Hiyokomod used vanilla meshes on the mod, which is incompatible with CBBE textures, causing body textures to be all warped. And I'm sure that no one wants that. And yes, I know someone else uploaded a patch as well, but eh.

I originally created a patch for it but it was removed for some reason (maybe I shouldn't have included nude meshes, hehe) but now, it's here for real. I also included some details, like nails for toes and fingers. Plus presets 1 to 6 had some minor issues with the neck, but not 7 to 9. So I just copied the head rear meshes to them, and now it's fixed.

The default meshes are based on CBBE Curvy Nevernude preset. Now it comes with Bodyslide support. Look for this here after installing:

Please report any issues if you have them.

Now I can stop getting DMs about my missing post in the original mod.



Hiyokomod for his amazing mod, AnimeRace Nanakochan;
The authors of CBBE for the bodymod and for Bodyslide;
guicool (me) for creating the patch.

Tools used:
Adobe Photoshop CS6
Intel® Texture Works Plugin for Photoshop