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Changes the nasty facial moles to ones that are more commonly seen and nicer looking.

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Confused as to why Bethesda only included facial moles that were either large and distracting, or that looked like Stage III melanoma? I was, so I created Appealing Moles so that your characters don't have all have to have spotless skin, and can instead have realistic facial moles.

Two of the options are single moles, one middle cheek, one upper cheek. The other two options have an assortment around the face, see pictures. They're a little hard to see in the collage pictures, sorry.

2.0 adds a file with the original Appealing Moles plus 4 mouth blemish replacers, for extra combinations and looks. I uploaded more pics that will hopefully give you a good idea of where the new ones are placed, but some are on the neck or on the chin and aren't visable in the new collage. Most of these new sets add 4-5 moles each that are relatively small.

If manually installing, install to ...Fallout 4\Data\Textures\Actors\Character\Character Assets\FaceDetails

Thanks Bloodjack for helping me get this to work!

My character with the lavender hair is using my other mod Zella's Hair Dye Collection in the color Lavender.
Some hairs shown in screenchots are from my mod Kat's New Hairstyles.

A few featured savegames now available
Lavender hair girl's SavegameBlonde girl with hat Savegame

Accidentally had an extra file under Hair, re-download for the version with just the moles.
I fixed it this time. For real. I learned a lesson in cleaning out winRAR and not calling everything "Textures.rar"
New update file contains the original 4 replacer mole sets and 4 replacers for mouth blemishes to make them look like appealing moles! Find the new ones under Extras- Blemishes- Mouth Blemishes 1,2,4,5
Adds a variant that changes Mole - Cheek (high cheekbone mole) to a lower mouth mole similar to Yennefer of Vengerberg's in The Witcher 3.

Featured in VatiWah's mod review video! My modder name is pronounced "A Nice Oak Tree" not "Anus Oak Tree" btw. haha, that's an image you don't want.