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Dr. Phibbs reveals his personal Sole Survivor presets - Allison and Tony, for public consumption.

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Contains two presets, Allison and Tony.

Tony is completely vanilla other than using Looksmenu to create the preset. He was my first Fallout 4 Sole Survivor, and is only lightly altered from my original reddit post 3 years ago. As mentioned in the reddit thread, he's inspired by/based Tony Stark/Robert Downey, Jr.
Whether I hit the mark or not is up to you, I like him either way.

The other preset, Allison, is an original character DO NOT STEAL that I've used for my female Sole Survivor for some time now. 

Because I get asked a lot, my ENB of choice is Seasons of the Abyss by Adysss. Outfits in screenshots are my robo-limb conversions, Nuka Cola Racesuit by NaiRae, and Institute Expeditionary Suit by Niero.

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