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This mod adds 20 new headwear options that fit in nicely with the game world. Comes in two flavors: to be found out in the commonwealth or crafted. All genders supported & only requires vanilla Fallout 4.

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I always end up wearing the same vanilla head wear options that I like best. So based on those assets I made a collection of 20 new hats, shades and visors for more wasteland-worn head wear variety. If you like the mod, please endorse and/or vote it up. Thank you!


Version 1.0 adds

- 7 new unique head wear items, most of them consisting of new combinations.
- 8 new visors (I love visors)
- 5 new shades (with customized reflections and transparency)


Comes in two versions:

1. Recommended: "World Locations": the items can be found in the commonwealth and at some vendors. The rarest ones have legendary abilities and can only be found out in the world. Might conflict with other mods changing certain cells or vendor lists. See below for details.

2. For those who like it fast: "Craftable" all items can be crafted at the chem-lab under "Head Wear" and none have legendary abilities right away. Be aware: some pieces do require specific items or rare materials.

Regarding all versions:

- The shades and visors come with enchantments and can not be further customized, for the sake of realism.
- Larger pieces can be modded with linings and weaves and are supported by Armorsmith Extended and Legendary modification for endgame viability.




  1. Enable mods
  2. Unzip the archive in your Fallout 4 install directory (C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Fallout 4)
  3. Add the line " *Absolutely_Headwear.esp " to your plugins.txt file in C:\Users\<your username>\AppData\Local\Fallout4 (guide)

NMM and other methods:

I'm a dedicated manual installer so you might have to import the archive in NMM manually.



  1. Remove the added files from your install directory
  2. Delete the " *Absolutely_Headwear.esp " line from your plugins.txt file.


Details on the cells and vendors changed for the "World Locations" version:

Warning: This is a major spoiler, only click if you have a thoroughly modified wasteland and / or vendor lists or when you encounter problems.

Click here for a locations and vendors list.


Known issues:

1. The shades might be pretty light in dark areas from some angles. It's a trade-off I had to make to make them look good in sunny conditions. Might require further improvement.

2. A couple of world models don't reflect the worn model properly and some details had to be left out: I have yet to find out how to make the world models work with static objects as part of the mesh. If you can help me with that I'd love to hear from you.



Omigod me hair be clipping!

Answer: not all hair is created equal, just like with vanilla hats, some hair designs support hats better than others by using the dedicated body part slots. I did my best to support hair types that can omit the "top hair" slot. Time to get a haircut?

Is the clipping issue just minor? You can easily adjust the mesh yourself in Outfit Studio:

1. First locate and backup the mesh you want to change by making a copy of it so you can always reverse changes
by overwriting the changed mesh with the original. Make sure you get the right mesh for the gender you want to change (F or M versions). The 'GO' meshes are the world models; the model you see when previewing items or when you drop them on the floor).

2. Open Bodyslide, go to Outfit Studio and use the Import Nif option to open the mesh

3. Using Space / shift / control & mouse dragging and scrolling, navigate so you have a clear view of the mesh (it might be above the viewport and out of view when you first open it because they are head items).

4. Click to select the piece(s) of the mesh you want to change in the right panel. Can be multiple ones too.

5. Use the tools in the top bar (mainly 'Increase Mesh Size / Decrease Mesh Size and Move Vertices options) to change the mesh. Make sure your brush size isn't too large or strong. You can also move, scale or rotate the mesh by rightclicking the mesh parts in the right panel. (There are multiple undo's available under ctr + z).

(pro-tip: it helps to temporarily import another head wear mesh so you have a little more visual reference to the changes you make, simply right click and delete those parts again when you are done)

6. When you are happy with the changes; use the 'export nif' option and overwrite the mesh. Done! Rinse and repeat for further adjustments after ingame checks.

Why not add these to your ASA mod?

Answer: these items are non-skimpy and for both genders, while ASA only caters for a crowd that enjoys scantily dressed females.

Will you make moar of these?

Answer: Depends how much people will like 'em. There is plenty of potential for expansion for sure.



Most of the matching clothing items in the screens are from another mod I made: Absolutely Skimpy Attire

The good looking bums have been made possible with No Collapsed Butt and Chest.

The ponytails are from Azar's Ponytail Hairstyles.
And thanks to the wonderful Dave's Pose Mod to allow me to make lovely screens!

And of course to 
Ousnius and Caliente for CBBE, Bodyslide and Material Editor.
Without them I'd rather be playing with legos.

Thanks to for some of the source materials of ingame industry logos.

And thanks to every other modder that enriched the game for me!

And of course thanks to the Nexus and the community of helpful folks on the forums <3

And thanks to YOU if you read this far! Especially if you hand out endorsements and vote
your favorite mods for file of the month. Modding can be a tremendous
effort and every  support is highly appreciated!


My other mods can be found here.