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Performance friendly green mod and texture optimization with optional custom weather. Stable Boston region, precombined data is left intact in that area.

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Performance friendly green mod (with Far Harbor and Nuka World), now with generated LOD object meshes and terrain textures (FYI: LOD is terrain in the background). The textures of grass, trees, plants, roads, rocks, ground, and more are replaced and optimized (lower resolution). There is more grass, and there are more trees in the world. Performance is similar as the vanilla game, also in Downtown Boston. Precombined data is left intact for the Downtown region and some other areas like Lexington en Quincy. So no tree swaps there, but still other textures and more grass. The precombined data is turned off in other areas where there is less load on the system.

Plants need water to grow. Check out the Another Green Mod weather plugins for the full experience as on the screenshots. Both a vanilla and True Storms (unofficial) plugin available, included as optional files in the archive. 

True Storms:

LOD generation would not have been possible without FO4LODGen.

Screenshots are from the Xbox One version ( ) with the True Storms plugin enabled.

Thanks and enjoy