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Wasteland Water Revival
The spiritual successor to Clean Water of the Commonwealth.

All modules include the Charles River Water Correction.

Available Water Styles:
  • Caribbean Blue - Clear blue waters from tropical Caribbean.
  • Clearly Visible - In-Game Bethesda Default water coloring, but clear to the bottom.
  • Deep Blue - A deep rich blue that is clear to the bottom.
  • Glow Worm - So much radioactive fallout has corrupted the water.  Glow Worm is designed to have a soft glow at night!
  • Moody - Highly reflective of the current sky.  When it's clear, the water is blue.  When it's overcast, the water is gray.  Whatever the weather, the water will change to match.
  • Quantum - An unknown Nuka-Cola Quantum factory has been spilling into the water for 200 years!  It's everywhere!  But it's still toxic!
  • Toxic Sludge - Water that looks like this is definitely contaminated!
  • Tropical Legacy - The original Tropical waters are back with this exact replica of the Tropical Clean Water (only this time, with standard radiation).
  • Zen Master - Slow moving, meditative, crystal clear.  Become a Zen Master, while you swim!

Can't Decide?  Here's an overview video of all the Styles.

What's the Charles River Water Correction?