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Mod update checker, save backup system, expansive framework for easier mod creation. Add your own custom items, custom chat commands, lock features behind custom licenses, and more!

Permissions and credits

  • Mod Update Checker: Easily check for updates to your mods from the main menu.
  • Quick Item Design: Create your own custom clothing, path, wallpaper, or flooring items easily. No coding required!
  • Better Inventory Icons: Furniture, clothing, flooring and wallpaper items now use real icons that look like the item itself.
  • Automatic Save Backup: Backs up your save file every time you sleep. (Can be disabled)


  • Custom Items: Create your own items of almost any type using asset bundles, or create some types of items more quickly using the Quick Item system.
  • Custom Licenses: Create licenses to lock your features behind player progression.
  • Chat Commands: Add your own custom chat commands.
  • Custom Save Data: Save and load your own mod data on a per-slot or global basis.
  • Load Custom Assets: Easily load custom textures and asset bundles.
  • Custom Icon Packs: Create your own item icons to replace existing ones just by replacing one of the files in the item_icons folder.


  • Multiplayer: Graphical glitches and saving issues will occur when trying to play online if the host and client do not have the same custom item mods installed. This is expected, but we plan to block clients from entering in this case and give them a list of mods they’ll need to install to join.

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