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Makes the wheelbarrow fully infinite, with the dirt type you take out being the same type as you last put into it. You can keep taking dirt out and it never empties, and you can also keep putting dirt in without it ever getting full!

Permissions and credits
  • Makes the wheelbarrow infinite. If you put in one shovel of dirt, it will look full but you can keep taking dirt out forever without running out! Additionally, you can keep putting dirt into it without it ever getting full.
  • The type of dirt you take out of the wheelbarrow is always the type of dirt you last put into the wheelbarrow. Making a beach? Just put one sand into it. Now you have infinite sand! Want to expand your mangroves? Put mangrove dirt in. Infinite mangrove dirt! You get the point...
  • Alternative Version Available: Extended version is an older version of the mod that I have left available. Instead of making it infinite, it increases the max dirt to 100 (or higher if desired). The only benefit of using this version is that it also saves the layers of dirt in the order they were put into the wheelbarrow. The game does not save wheelbarrow contents. As such, if you fill the wheelbarrow and then save and exit, when reopening the game, the wheelbarrow will be empty.
  • Compatibility: Compatible with all known mods. Tested and working on Dinkum v0.4.5 Hotfix #7. Let us know if you have issues on versions later than this.
  • Multiplayer: Should work well in multiplayer, but if one person doesn't have the mod and they extract dirt it will likely be emptied.

  1. Make sure BepinEx 6 is installed.
  2. Extract ExtendedWheelbarrow.dll into the "Dinkum/BepinEx/plugins" folder.
  3. Start up your game and test it out!
  4. If you enjoy the mod, endorsing is always appreciated!

Planned Changes
  • None. Make suggestions in the suggestions/feedback thread!

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