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Control the flow of time! Pauses time while the journal is open (or with a hotkey), allows you to set the speed at which time flows, and notifies you about owner's shop hours and days off.

Permissions and credits
  • Pauses time while your journal (escape menu) is open.
  • Notifies the user when the shops are opening at the hour they open and closing 1 (or 2) hour before the store closes.
  • You can configure it using the shop's name or the owner's name in the announcement and add specific NPCs to an ignore list to never get announcements about them. 
  • (FULL VERSION ONLY) You can also pause with a hotkey (F9 by default).
  • (FULL VERSION ONLY) Change time speed in game using configurable hot keys, increasing (KeypadPlus by default) or decreasing (KeypadMinus by default) it on the fly. You can set a default time speed in the config file as well.
  • Important Note: While time is paused, the enemies and physics are not. So, if you open the journal next to an enemy, you're still in danger of being attacked.
  • Multiplayer: Currently, the host can pause time and change speed just like in single player, and this will pause time for all clients as well. However, the current game code does not track the current minute over network so for clients the minute count will often be inaccurate.
  • Compatibility: Compatible with all known mods. Tested and working on Dinkum v0.4.5 Hotfix #7. Let us know if you have issues on versions later than this.


  • Make sure BepinEx 6 is installed.
  • Extract JournalPause.dll into the "Dinkum/BepinEx/plugins" folder.
  • Start up your game and open your journal. Leave it open as long as you want. When you close it the time on the clock should be the same as it was when you opened the journal.
  • Configuration: Go the "Dinkum/BepinEx/config" folder and open the "tinyresort.dinkum.journalpause.cfg" file. Just set your preferred values, save the file and restart the game.
  • If you enjoy the mod, endorsing is always appreciated!

Planned Changes
  • None. Feel free to make suggestions in the appropriate forums thread.

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