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Allows you to hold down the interaction key when using any machine that you insert materials into. Also adds a hotkey to make this happen without any prolonged input!

Permissions and credits
  • When placing materials into a machine (such as logs into a saw, or raw food into a barbeque/campfire) this mod allows you to hold down the interaction key instead of having to press it each time the machine is finished.
  • It also adds an "Interaction Lock" hotkey. When you press this hotkey it activates interaction lock mode. If you are in front holding a material that can go into it, then when you activate interaction lock mode it will continue inserting this item until your hands are empty with no need to press or hold down any interaction/use button! Making any movement or opening any menu will disable the interaction lock mode to avoid issues. However, you can still move the camera and scroll between items on your toolbar.
  • Multiplayer: Should not cause any issues.
  • Compatibility: Compatible with all known mods. Tested and working on Dinkum v0.4.5 Hotfix #7. Let us know if you have issues on versions later than this.


  • Make sure BepinEx 6 is installed (see stickied post for more info).
  • Extract HeldInteractions.dll into the "Dinkum/BepinEx/plugins" folder.
  • Start up your game to create a config file, then close the game.
  • Go to "BepinEx/config" and open "tinyresort.dinkum.heldinteractions".
  • Set the interaction locking hotkey to whichever key you wish and save the file.
  • Start the game back up and test it out.
  • If you enjoy the mod, endorsing is always appreciated!

Planned Changes

  • More Interactions: I plan on making it possible to hold down the button for harvesting crops, crafting items, and possibly other things.

Our Mods

  • Craft From Storage (Makes crafting stations and shops, and cooking stations use materials from nearby storage)
  • Time Management (Control the flow of time, pause time in the journal, and get notifications when stores open/close)
  • Inventory Management (Send items to nearby chests and auto-sort your inventory/chests)
  • Improved Minimap (Biome indicator, animal markers, zoom in/out, or toggle minimap visibility)
  • Held Interactions (Much easier use of machines and other interactions)
  • Infinite Wheelbarrow (Makes the wheelbarrow infinite both when putting dirt in or taking dirt out)
  • Better Movement & Vehicles (Improves tile selection and vehicle handling)
  • Save Backup Manager (Automatically creates a backup of your save when going to sleep)
  • We're always open to suggested changes and mod request