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PhoenixVivid  is a realistic preset for Skyrim Special Edition made with  a combination of ENBseries and Reshade Framework settings to give good visuals with highest possible performance. Yes, this preset was built with performance in mind and brings back the feeling of old Skyrim ENBs. 

*Reshade features: AmbientLight, Curves, Colorfulness, SMAA and Tonemap.

*ENB features: Adaptation, Bloom, DOF and sharpness/color correction tweaks.

PhoenixVivid  is avaiable for Vivid Weathers by Mangaclub , for Dolomite Weathers (NLVA II) by Megaloblast and for Climates of Tamriel (version 5.7 or later) by jjc71 and Player Tw0. You need to install  one of these mods (ONLY ONE) for this preset to look as intended. IMPORTANT: Dolomite Weathers mod version 1.5 comes with  an ini file (Dolomite Weathers.ini) that goes to your Skyrim SE > Data folder after installation. For now I recommend to DELETE this file (unless you want to tweak it). We need only the Dolomite Weathers.esp file. If you will use Climates of Tamriel, DO NOT install the Dungeons/Caves and Interiors options (leave these on "Default Experience"), and select your favorite night level. I also recommend the alternative ENB rain texture. Masser moon texture is optional. With Climates of Tamriel, you will need to wait about 24 ingame hours in the first load for it works properly. In images section of this page you can see screenshots for each weather mod (check the titles).

This preset is fully compatible with Realistic Lighting Overhaul , Enhanced Lights and FX , Relighting Skyrim-SSE and  Enhanced Lighting for ENB (ELE). Choose your favorite to install (ONLY Relighting Skyrim-SSE and ELE are compatible each other, otherwise DON'T USE  more than one of these mods at same time)! Don't need to use lighting mods if you prefer Vanilla lighting. 

* For Realistic Lighting Overhaul users: DO NOT overwrite any textures from Vivid Weathers (click on "No to All" during installation by NMM) and disable (or delete) RLO Weathers and RLO Dawnguard Weathers .esp plugins

* For Enhanced Lights and FX users: DO NOT install the Weathers option and if using SMIM install the SMIM meshes. Feel free to install or not the other options.

**WARNING: With ELE, ELE + Relighting Skyrim-SSE,  RLO or ELFX + Enhancer option  the interiors maybe will become too dark for some users tastes. If you don't like darker interiors, you have one of these 3 choices: 1- Do not use lighting mods; 2- Use Relighting Skyrim-SSE alone (without ELE at same time) or 3- Use ELFX without Enhancer option.  


                                                                (Vivid Weathers version video by Hodilton) 

                 (Dolomite Weathers version "running test")                   (Dolomite Weathers version video by Ultimate Immersion)         


1- In the Game Launcher, choose FXAA instead TAA (TAA can cause issues with ENB/Reshade presets, not recommended to use). Now, go to Documents> My games> Skyrim Special Edition> Skyrimprefs.ini, find the following lines and set:



2- ONLY for NVIDIA users: In the graphics card control panel, TURN ON the Vsync for Skyrim Special Edition. AMD users can skip this step ;  

3- Download the latest Reshade from: 

4- Run the executable to install the Reshade in the Skyrim SE main folder ( click on Select Game > Go to game folder and click on SkyrimSE.exe > Open > Click on DirecX10+ >Yes > wait download > Ok > DONE > Close ); 

5- Download the ENBseries 0.310  from:

6- Extract the files d3d11.dll and d3dcompiler_46e.dll from wrapper version folder to your Skyrim Special Edition folder ;

7- Download  PhoenixVivid preset (the correct version for your weather mod)  from files section of this Nexus page and extract the content from ENB Reshade Files (or ENB files for the optional ENB ONLY version) folder to Skyrim Special Edition Folder ;

8- Run the game , Shift + F2 to open Reshade menu, click on "continue" and select "Phoenix.ini" , click on Continue > Continue > Finish > close the menu ( if You already had Reshade installed  before start these steps, only select Phoenix.ini and close the menu) .


9- Optional Steps:

9.1 - ADOF - SSAO: If you want a powerful PhoenixVivid profile, after the basic installation, download the ADOF-SSAO pack from the miscellaneous section of files page. So choose your favorite option and extract the enbseries folder to your Skyrim SE folder, let overwrite the 2 files. This SSAO effect is not the original ENB SSAO-SSIL effect, but is far better than ingame ambient occlusion.

**WARNINGS: 1- ADOF + SSAO can be FPS hungry for some computers. 2- I have removed Reshade MXAO from my files (not necessary anymore), but if you already are using Reshade MXAO, you will need to disable it (in shift + F2 Reshade ingame menu) to use the ADOF-SSAO features. 3- It's highly recommended disable Skyrim SE ambient occlusion in the game launcher if you want to use this SSAO. Otherwise you can have weird shadow paterns in Whiterun tundra grass, depending on the grass mod you use (Verdant, for exemple). 4- If these SSAO artifacts during foggy/rainy weathers bother you, you can disable/enable SSAO at any time ingame by ENB GUI (shift + Enter) as shown here , and so you can use only ADOF (without SSAO). There isn't a fix for it at the moment, but it can be tolerable in my opinion and SSAO gives really great visuals in clear weathers.

9.2 - ONLY FOR VIVID WEATHERS USERS: Use the Vivid Weathers Book in the Skyrim SE item menu to adjust saturation, interiors and night brightness ( I recommend set the Vivid Weathers bloom to LOW ). To do these changes you will have to disable ENB first and re-enable after  the changes (by Shift + F12), because Vivid Weathers book settings do not work when ENB is enabled.

9.3 - FOR ALL USERS: If you want to adjust saturation, brightness and contrast to suit your tastes, no problem! You can do it in ENB GUI (Shift + Enter ingame menu) as shown here and here. Don't forget to SAVE CONFIGURATION after the changes (check here to see exactly where you need to click). I do not recommend to change the settings for times of day (unless you really know what you are doing). You should prefer to edit the GLOBAL settings at the bottom of ENBEFFECT.FX menu (CC:Contrast , CC:Saturation, CC:Brightness, etc....).

: If you dont like the lens effect in the screen you can disable it  in Reshade menu (shift + F2 ) by turning OFF AL lens in ambient light section (here).

**IMPORTANT: If after step 8 your visuals are VERY different from  my screenshots so, you did some mistake during installation or you also need to adjust colors, contrast , brightness , etc. in your monitor. Leftovers files from other presets or 2+ weather/lighting mods at same time  can cause issues (exception: Relighting Skyrim SE + ELE). If using Climates of Tamriel Version, don't forget to wait 24 hours ingame if it is the first time you are loading COT + PhoenixVivid. 



Shift + F12 : On/Off  ENB effects 
ENB GUI : Shift + Enter
Prt Sc : Take Screenshots
To turn On/Off Reshade Effects set the hotkey in Reshade menu (Shist + F2)


In the Skyrim SE Folder, delete: enbseries folder ; Reshade - Shaders folder ; d3d11.dll ; d3dcompiler_46e.dll ; enblocal.ini ; enbseries.ini ; Phoenix.ini and all dxgi files .


 IMPORTANT: Before update to a new version of this preset please uninstall the previous one! 


My specs : Intel i5 4690 3,5-3,9 Ghz ; GTX 1070  8gb VRAM and 16 gb RAM . I'm running the game + this preset with 60 FPS almost all the time (1920 x 1080 resolution and using stronger ADOF + SSAO) . Only few little drops in some places. Consider reducing godrays , shadow distance and quality if you need more FPS. You also can reduce your grass density increasing the value of iMinGrassSize=*** in the ini files. If you dont like DOF effect you can get about 3-7 extra FPS disabling it ( by shift + Enter ingame menu or setting EnableDepthOfField=false in enbseries.ini). If using ENB + Reshade version, disabling Reshade SMAA may give some FPS, then you can use only Skyrim SE FXAA (to disable SMAA, shift + F2 ingame to enter in Reshade menu and uncheck SMAA box).  In Graphics card control panel some settings can also increase performance.


- Ruins Clutter Improved      
- Static Mesh Improvement Mod
- NobleSkyrimMod HD-2k  (See instructions for Skyrim SE in the Noble Skyrim HD comments page)
- Skyrim Flora Overhaul 
- Vivid Landscapes - All in one (Probably you may not like all these textures, so make a custom pack is recommended)
- Verdant - A Skyrim Grass Plugin (Delete SFO ini file in Data folder if using Verdant + SFO, or your FPS will be killed) 
- Trees in Cities 
- Realistic Water Two 


- Continue learning about ENB and Reshade tweaks to improve this preset;
- Make and test some custom color palettes when possible;

* NOTE: I am really new in make graphics modification files and this is my first mod on Nexus. Yes I still need to learn a lot of things about making mods. Also I don't have too much time for playing/modding , so I' ll need your patience. I hope I become  a better  modder in the future. For now , this preset and  this page is a WIP and I'm doing the best I can to give you a wonderful Skyrim SE visual. Give my mod a try and see for yourself! THANK YOU ALL!!! 


- Bethesda for Skyrim Special Edition 
- Boris Vorontsov for ENBseries 
- Crosire for Reshade Framework
- Mangaclub for Vivid Weathers
- Megaloblast for Dolomite Weathers (NLVA II)
- jjc71 and Player Tw0 for Climates of Tamriel SE 
- Marty MCFly for ENB ADOF-SSAO shader 
- Tapioks for DNI shader