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A complete weather, lighting and visual overhaul for Skyrim SE.
More than 70 life-like weathers within a customizable climate, shader FXs to customize the visuals, enhanced particle effects and lighting, subsurface scattering, cloud shadowing, wetness shaders and more...

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Originally specifically made for PhotoRealistic Tamriel Enb,

Natural and Atmospheric Tamriel
(NAT) Stand Alone edition
has been entirely redone to be
a complete all-in-one DLC sized weather, lighting and visual enhancer for Skyrim Special Edition,
looking as close as possible to the natural lighting preset of PRT.

From the lighting and the climate to the skin shaders and particles effects, almost every aesthetic aspects of the game have been altered in some way
to give the most natural and eye candy visual possible.

Because NAT changes so many aspects of the game it is mandatory to use it at the very last position in the load order
in order to get
the intended look and effects.

NAT is a long work in progress modification that is going to be fine tuned over time and some weathers from this release aren't 100% done yet.

*All the pictures from the author's gallery and the description have been made without Enb-Reshade-SweetFX*

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NAT is almost entirely modular from the NAT Settings spell :
to change ingame the climate type, to instantly change any weathers and storms,
to change night luminosity, to enable or disable special effects...

Click the spoiler below to read more:

  ♦ NAT Settings: an alteration spell to call a random weather and to tune your experience whatever you like. (See NAT Settings overview below)

  All weathers redone and new "missing link" weathers added: naturals or atmospherics, all made with a true science of color and light using different colors, lighting, clouds, post processing and properties and specifically crafted for each region of the game depending of the landscape properties.

  Whole climate redone: time of day, weather chances, volatility... ultra smooth and barely noticeable transitions.
The climate, balanced by default, now always lives, slowly evolves and changes, to feel more alive, natural and unpredictable.

  Darker and all unique night times: fake Purkinje effect, from bright to pitch black, with or without direct lighting, diffuse lighting, godrays, all depending of the moon occlusion, the atmospheric density and the sky configuration.

  Advanced lighting and features for all weathers: NAT uses many exclusive custom made tricks to give sunlight variation for cloudy weathers, wet effect for some heavy fog situation and rain weathers, god rays depending of the atmospheric density, fake bounce lighting, diffuse lighting, natural sunsets with true dawn and dusk sky lighting, subsurface scattering, better particles effects, dynamic ini settings and more.

  Torchlight: optional torchlight tweaked according to NAT's changes with different settings for interiors and exteriors.

 ♦ New and redone effects: particles effects, clouds, sounds, post processing effects, thunder lightning, new tonemapping based on filmic curves, cleaner HDR, godrays, sound tweaks...

  light sources redone: to match real life temperature and fall off, with and without shadows depending of the type of light. Lighting templates for interior locations are also modified. (See NAT & Other Mods below)

  Dynamic interior settings: to suits NAT changes for light sources and post processing and entirely compatible with all interior mods.

  Particle effects, ambiant occlusion, character lighting, wind effect, snow shader, sun sprites and lens flares, reflections, loading screen, hit effect... all enhanced or remade to suits NAT changes.

  FPS lossless and lightweight.


NATFX are optional and fps lossless visual settings to change the graphics of the game like a built-in Enb.

In the current released version of NAT only few presets are implemented,
but I plan to work on this part of the mod later and if possible, to reproduce the NACFX system from Fallout 4.

N A T  S E T T I N G S  O V E R V I E W

NAT Settings is located in the Alteration category of the magic spells.

Click the spoiler below to read more:

  ♦ Graphic Options let you chose what NAT's feature to use and are explained below (see NAT Graphics)

  ♦ Random Weather instantly loads a random weather. The name of the weather appears in the upper left corner of the screen, followed with the area of the game where it belongs. If no region is shown then the weather is common to all regions.
Some weathers can belong to different regions but if they don't, any random weather will start to change to a regional weather as soon as it is called.

  ♦ Night Settings offers the possibility to darken or brighten the nights. Can be useful when playing in a bright room or to please anyone tastes.

  ♦ Climate Settings give the opportunity to change the atmosphere of the game by changing in game the chances of each weather to spawn and by disabling some (see NAT Climate below)

N A T  C L I M A T E S

The default climate is Natural & Atmospheric, using all weathers available with balanced atmosphere.

Bright & Pleasant disables some of the darkest weathers and reduces the chances of the much cloudiest one to give a very sunny, cheerful and summery atmosphere with a very low chance of rain.
Dark & Gloomy on the contrary, disables the most sunny weathers and reduces the chances of the bright days to offer a cold, dark and grit atmosphere.

N A T  G R A P H I C S

NAT doesn't only change and add new weathers but it also changes and enhances a lot of light sources, particles and special effects, clouds and sun effects, snow shader and color, tweaks dynamically many ini settings depending of various situations for both interior and exterior locations and reworks entirely the tonemapping of the game.

The NAT particle overhaul will mostly benefit to Enb makers and can be compared with what Oldrim's Particle Patch for Enbs achieves.

NAT also fakes cloud shadowing for cloudy weathers, wetness for foggy and rainy situations, sub surface scattering, additional skylighting,
diffuse lighting for dawn and dusk time...
The Graphic Options from the NAT Settings can be used to toggle some of this features:

Click the spoiler below to read more:

  ♦ Sub Surface Scattering: Sub surface scattering is the diffusion of light trough translucid materials such as skin, leaves, clouds... Besides a faky sub surface scattering made from tonemapping and HDR, another effect is also added to all characters and can be disable with this setting. [ex1] [ex2] [ex3]

  ♦ Dawn & Dusk Natural Lighting: This setting disables sunlight and changes few settings to get more natural dawn and dusk time, before sunrise (5am-7am) and after sunset (19pm-21pm)

  ♦ Wet Effects: This setting is used to fake water reflection on some ground materials and wetness effect and water drops on characters.

  ♦ Sunlight Variations: Simulates the occlusion of sunlight from clouds passing in front of the sun for all cloudy and overcast weathers.

  ♦ Extra Skylight: A subtle fake lighting applied on characters during dawn, dusk and night time.

  ♦ NAT Interiors
: While the light sources and the lighting templates changes for interior locations are made under the hood and cannot be made optional, this dynamic setting
cancels and overrides all other color, post-processing and tonemapping setting from vanilla or any other mods (wherever they are loaded) and use mine instead.

  ♦ NAT Torch: When disabled the NAT torchlight can be permanently dropped from the inventory until this setting is re-enabled.

N A T  &  O T H E R  M O D S

NAC does a lot of what other mods can do and more,
but in its own way and calibrated for itself, with the insurance of total compatibility and optimization.

Obvisously NAT is not compatible with any other weather mods.
click the spoiler below to read more:

Still, it remains compatible with interior and lighting mods such as ELFX, RLO or ELE or torch mods like Torch Shadows.
It only requires you to choose which one has the priority over the other: NAT only changes some light sources and all lighting templates.
- If you want to keep NAT interior settings combined with ELFX then load NAT after ELFX.
- if you only want to keep ELFX and no light edits from NAT then load NAT before ELFX.
Same for torch mods.

N A T  S H O W C A S E S

For those who want to push the graphics even further
NAT is best used with

PhotoRealistic Tamriel

Credits & Thanks

SSEEdit by Zilav
Bethesda for their games and their Creation Kit.

NAT is the result of 7-8 months of hard work so:
Many thanks to everyone who endorse, donate, give feedback or add screenshots in the user gallery:

Illuzio -"Great mod, the light is very natural !"

firemanaf -"I really dont know what to say. I love it! You did an amazing job. I think this is my new favorite lighting mod."

Dennywood -"You did just what was missing in Skyrim and I was waiting for... Wow! It's beautiful!!!"

preeum -"This is one of the most impressive weather mods to date.I was beyond impressed with the new depth and richness to the exterior lighting that I've never experienced before in Skyrim. Superb work!"

niphilim222 -"Buttery smooth fps. Best weather mod ever made."

Mesocyclone  -"What you did with the torch and many other lighting effects, deep respect!"

zeppelin23 -"this mod is truly magical.The game looks amazing and it doesnt hit the performance at all."

Exchange324 -"This is my favourite weather/lighting mod so far, I've been using this almost since the beginning."

OnlyCocobolo  -"This mod is more than a simple weather/climate overhaul. So much passion was put into this project, this is understandable."

goranpaa  -"The best lighting mod! I have used Vivid weathers, ELFX and a couple of other such mods but NAT beat them all!
And I'm happy that NAT do not tax the FPS. And who need any Enb now?"

deadeye117  -"the fake SSS + sunlight effects manage to add that Oldrim ENB feeling without any of the performance hit. I think I'm actually in love with this weather mod."

maydragon75 -"I am completely blown away, looks amazing, and the fog is simply beautiful"

thesuperpwner -"this mod is f***ing awesome, It's like magic honestly, I don't even need to use an enb anymore."

Merkcy -"This is by far the best ENB partner out there."

jinxed84 -"This coupled with PRT is really fantastic! This brings it ever closer to Oldrim."

Invicious  -"Fantastic work! I've been trying out a lot of different weather mods the last couple of days to find the perfect one for my next playthrough and yours is by far the best one!"

ohmygodoutwithitalready -"this mod looks better without enbs for some reason."

Megaloblast -"This is one of the most impressive weather mod to date. The mod manages to achieve a bright and colorful aesthetic without white or black crush,Water looks great. Distant fog is subtle and well done. Sky color is realistic. Sunsets and sunrises are subtle, interesting, and beautiful. Cloud work is exceptional and interesting. Weathers are unique and varied (not just a copy and paste 500 times pretending to have variety).Overall, looks incredible."

Draugoth -"Fantastic work, this makes Skyrim vanilla look like a 8th generation console game."

imaqtpiesub -"amazing job. Everything is just picture perfect."

Timmhaze -"Beautifully done. I have been using a combo of Vivid Weathers and True Storms for the longest time and would normally avoid taking them out just to try a new weather mod, however, on this occasion I decided to give it a go and am extremely glad I did. Looks fantastic, doesn't impact performance and combos well with my ENB"

SpiderBob12 -"Awesome Love it!!60fps everywhere!!!! This has solved my what enb/reshade should i use. Im just using your mod."


NAT is also available for XB1

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