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Changes the Skyrim lighting to a more colorful, fantasy style.

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Surreal Lighting
Surreal Lighting is a graphical mod that alters weathers, imagespaces and adds sun lens flares to achieve an overall vibrant lighting that is very pleasant to look at and brings a cheerful feeling to Skyrim.

What this does:
  • alters contrast, brightness, saturation for outdoors
  • greatly reduces tinting effect of the game's lighting for outdoors
  • alters godrays by changing their intensity, range, density and colors for outdoors
  • adds sun lens flares
  • increases fog distances for sunny weathers
What this does not do:
  • doesn't change interiors at all
  • doesn't add new weathers
  • doesn't remove weathers
  • doesn't remove godrays

/!\ If you find Surreal Lighting too strong on fantasy, there's an alternative weather mod that is more down to earth, Rustic Weathers and Lighting.
You can find it here:
Rustic Weathers and Lighting

- Godrays must be enabled.
No other requirements.

  • Extract the archive in your Data folder and enable surreal lighting.esp in your favorite mod manager.
  • Delete surreal lighting.esp and surreal lighting.bsa from your Data folder.

Compatible with everything except other weather/lighting mods that alters game's existing weathers and imagespaces.

Exception are mods that only add new weathers without editing game's existing weathers and imagespaces.
A list of weather mods that can be used with Surreal Lighting:
  • True Storms  (must be below Surreal Lighting in load order)
  • Supreme Storms and Fog (must be below Surreal Lighting in load order)