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Just the list of mods I put together for my initial play through, in a (hopefully) straight forward guide.

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{As the short description states, this is just the modlist I threw together for my initial X-COM EW campaign. I won this from a giveaway over on SteamGifts (thanks again MunkiLord!), but through a mix up thought I won the second game so ended up playing that... Anecdotes aside:}

Lovelace's X-COM (Long War - Enemy Within Edition) Modlist
For the most part I stick with Beth modding, particularly ES/FO stuff (I know the modding tools well), but cycled this into my playlist (been meaning to get around to it for a long while now...) and thought I'd share the list I decided to use.

Now, my X-COM 2 load order was packed with as much content as I could get, and considering I'm doing something similar for FO4? Not anything I want to do as a side project. So, this time I went relatively (for me) light, I wanted Long War and maybe a few cosmetic mods. As such for people who don't mind a bit of assembly this provides a light LO (which could probably be built off of, don't think there's as much modding wise with this as XCOM 2 though). One last thing: I use Windows 10, if you have an issue make sure there's not something there (for example, obviously download any versions of mods specific to your OS/etc).

Base Requirements:
  • A clean install of the latest (Steam Build 848157) ENGLISH version of X-Com Enemy Unknown, all DLC. (You might be able to get by with just Enemy Within or playing in a diff language, but I don't know and can't provide support for such.)
  • The capability to read and follow written instructions when installing mods. (Especially any notes pertaining to LW users!)

Core Mods and Installation:
Required section, don't consider skipping anything here.
  • Long War (duh): Install according to the directions on the mod page.
  • Long War Rebalance: Install according to the directions on the mod page, install the optional Alien Character Skins. I tweaked my female gender chance to be 1/2 (considered trying something like 3/4 to see if I could make them predominantly woman, but figured I should get the modlist ironed out before I broke it with ini edits). Instructions for ini edits are in the installation section of the wiki linked over there.

Voice Packs:
I used most the voice packs my first go around, although once I set this up for my GF I'll probably cut back for my own personal use. Download all voicepacks in the required mods section and install them into the XCom-Enemy-Unknown\XEW\XComGame\CookedPCConsole\Voice folder as normal, if using my ini file(s) you can skip editing ini files (you just need the audio).
Update: The XCOM Soldiers 2 VP for LW is down (not sure if permanently or not); if using my preset file remove the following voices:
  • VoicePackageInfo=(VoiceType=eCharVoice_MaleSoldier4,Language=19,ArchetypeName="MaleVoice4_Australian.Voice_MaleVoice4_Australian")
  • VoicePackageInfo=(VoiceType=eCharVoice_FemaleSoldier3,Language=20,ArchetypeName="FemaleVoice2_Australian.Voice_FemaleVoice2_Australian")

Optional Mods:
  • Virtual Reality Training (For Long War): I personally like this tweak although I keep the max gain rate low. Install with Patcher GUI.
  • Extra Pockets: Wish there was an option that required research or the like, but if you want this grab it. I have too many projects to start learning new modding tools to do it myself. Note that there's a comment which mentions increasing the inventory too much can cause issues so don't tweak the config too high. Install with Patcher GUI.

Testing Mods:
This is a beta, so obviously I'm testing the list overall, but these mods can either be skipped or I am currently testing and don't know if they play well with the other mods I use.
  • Stop Losing Time: Going to make sure the bugs this fixes appear with the mods I have, and if so I'll test to see what happens if I try to run it with LWR. I personally didn't notice this issue in my playthrough. Will keep an eye out the next time I play for it but don't think this is necessary.
  • Improved Mec Close Combat Project: On my testing list, need to make sure it works with LWR. Also want to make sure it doesn't make them OP (my understanding is that it helps bring them up to par, but I haven't tested it yet).

Final Steps
Download my ini file(s) if you've been following step for step and use all the mods I do. If not you'll have to edit your INI yourself (mostly for voice packs). If you want you can edit the ini (for example, if you went into the section I added under Chinese voice packs you could easily switch the language # so that they replace a different language instead). Also if there are voice packs you don't want (I myself kinda splurged, I'll probably end up setting this up for my GF then cutting out some for my own use) you can delete the associated voice line(s) in the ini (some aren't clear, so you'll have to refer to my spreadsheet or the Article tab, if you still can't figure it out you're better off not removing things).

Want to Try:
These mods are on my radar but I need to see if they work with my list/what I'd have to do to get them to work. However my Drive is just about dead so we'll see if I get around to it before I have to fix my comp. Again.
EDIT: I ran one playthrough, when I swing back to the game I intend to see about adding all the mentioned testing/want to try mods and seeing if I can get everything working together nicely.
  • LWreTex (Long War) / Coloured Mec Icons / Texture Mods: Want to get my list ironed out and make sure there's no issues before I worry about re-texturing things.
  • Revenge of the Sleeves: I botched installing this (I think, wouldn't apply changes on my end at least) so need to review then try again at some point. If I can get it working I'd definitely consider it a core mod.
  • GoW Queen Myrrah Voice Pack: I use this, but think it would be pretty neat as a MEC voice instead. Right now I'm not sure I can set it up as such though (need to check if there's any audio that won't be covered, such as specific skills or the like).